The Best Ways to Use Essential Topically

The Best Ways to Use Essential Oils Topically

There are so many wonderful ways to use Essential Oils and we are going to delve into the best ways to use them topically below. Knowing how to topically apply essential oils will help you understand how and when to use it.


Wearing Essential Oils topically is what we might call a double whammy. Not only do you get the benefit of aromatic use when you put the oils on most areas, but you also get absorption into your body. Essential Oils have a very low molecular weight and can easily enter the dermis through skin application. This means that once the Essential Oils are applied, they enter into the bloodstream and can help with internal issues. The best way to do this is to add the oil blend to a carrier of your choice. Some carrier options may be a nut or seed oil like Grapeseed OilSweet Almond Oil, or Jojoba Oil. In addition, you could use an unscented natural lotion, soap, or even a compress. The effects of topical application begin in about 3-5 minutes and last up to about 90 minutes.

Ways to Use Essential Oils Topically

  • Using an aromatherapy roll-on
  • In a massage oil
  • In a bath
  • In a balm/salve
  • As a natural perfume
  • In a soap or a lotion
  • On a compress

In general, topical application is ideal for physical issues. If you had muscle pain, a pain relieving balm made with anti-inflammatory essential oils like Sore No More applied to the area would be the best option for you. REVIVE’s Headache Relief Roll-on would be the perfect choice to apply to your temples to alleviate your headache because the Essential Oils would soothe head and neck tension on the spot. Or if you have an upset stomach, adding REVIVE’s Digest Support to a carrier oil and applying in a circular motion to your torso, could really help ease the pain.

Other Topical Applications:

  • Applying Cycle Calm diluted to your lower abdomen when having menstrual cramps
  • To pulse points, apply Energy mixed with a carrier oil to help give you a boost before a workout
  • Use REVIVE’s Gorgeous Blend as an alluring perfume
  • Add 5 drops of Sunkissed to Aloe Vera and apply after getting a little too much sun

Mix REVIVE’s Allergy Relief with coconut oil and rub onto chest when seasonal allergies start to act up