Do you have a favorite blend from Young Living® or dōTerra®?

Check out comparable Revive blends that are a fraction of the cost!

Do you have a favorite blend from Young Living® or dōTerra®?

Check out comparable Revive blends that are a fraction of the cost!
REVIVE Young Living
Ache Away  Panaway
Alleviate Relieve it®
Breathe Easy R.C.®
Breeze Raven®
Bright Future Envision®
Cool  AromaEase®
Citrus Break Citrus Fresh®
Connection Inner Child®
Courage  Valor®
 Cycle Calm  Dragon Time®
Digest Aid DiGize®
Epiphany Awaken®
Exhale Release®
Frankincense Carterii Frankincense
Frankincense Sacra Sacred Frankincense®
Genius Brain Power®
Guardian Angel White Angelica®
Good Fortune  Abundance®
Harmonious Healing Progessence Plus®
Head Start M-Grain®
Holiday Heaven Christmas Spirit®
Immunity Boost Thieves®
Immunity Boost Cleaner  Thieves Cleaner®
Joy Joy®
Lioness Lady Sclareol®
Love & Romance Sensation®
Peaceful Gentle Baby®
Purify Purification®
Reset RutaVaLa®
Soothe Aroma Siez®
Stargazer Dream Catcher®
Steady Aroma Life®
Stress Easy Stress Away®
Super Defense ImmuPower®
The Secret Highest Potential®
The Works Roll-On Deep Relief Roll-On
Zen Peace & Calming I®
Anti Aging Immortelle
Anxiety Ease Roll-On PastTense®
Breathe Air Breathe®
Bugs Away Terrashield®
Calm Serenity®
Christmas Morning Holiday Joy®
Christmas Tree Holiday Peace®
Citrus Delight Citrus Bliss®
Concentrate InTune®
 Compassion Forgive®
Digest Support DigestZen®
EndoPlus Zendocrine®
Fantastic Citrus Bloom®
Fearless Adaptiv®
Frankincense King Frankincense
Gorgeous Passion®
Hug Console®
Inspire Elevation®
Limitless Motivate®
Mrs. Whisper®
Protect On Guard®
Protect Cleaner On Guard Cleaner®
Pura Purify®
Restore DDR Prime®
Rose Roll-On Rose Touch
Sore No More Deep Blue®
Slimming Slim & Sassy®
Smile Cheer®
Soothing Massage Aroma Touch®
Center Balance®
Unity Peace®
Women’s Balance Clary Calm®
YarPom Yarrow|Pom®

Allergy Relief

REVIVE Allergy Relief alleviates blocked and runny noses, sneezing, watery eyes, and an impaired sense of smell.

Copaiba & Coffee

REVIVE Copaiba & Coffee has the aroma of a coffee shop and mood-boosting benefits.


REVIVE Energy is a stimulating essential oil when you need a pick me up and motivation.


REVIVE Fireworks helps calm anxious and negative thoughts so you can focus your energy on the important stuff.

Frankincense & Myrrh

REVIVE Frankincense & Myrrh can help support the respiratory system and provide pain relief.

Headache Relief

REVIVE Headache Relief is an all natural solution to headaches.


REVIVE Hero is a warm and spicy blend that is energizing and inspiring.


REVIVE Home creates feelings of connection and joy, making any house feel like home.


REVIVE Royal is a beautiful and meditative blend that includes multiple types of Sandalwood.


REVIVE Sleep settles the body and mind before bed by promoting calm feelings of security and balance.

Smell the Neroli

REVIVE Smell the Neroli was blended to have the same beautiful aroma as Neroli Essential Oil

Smell the Roses

REVIVE Smell the Roses was blended to have the same beautiful aroma as Rose Essential Oil

Stress Relief

REVIVE Stress Relief is an uplifting and relaxing blend created to help soothe worried minds and tense bodies.


REVIVE Sunkissed is a soothing and refreshing skin healing blend perfect for the summer time.

Tumble & Tidy

REVIVE Tumble & Tidy is an all-natural cleaning powerhouse! Perfect for making laundry smell great when drying.

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