REVIVE DIY Hand Moisturizer

DIY – How to Make Hand Moisturizer with Essential Oils

During the winter months, the mixture of cold, crisp air and all the preventative hand washing can really make your skin dry, rough, or even cracked. It’s important to retain moisture for the sake of comfort, but also maintaining strong skin structure keeps germs from entering damaged areas. 

You might be thinking about picking up a lotion from the drugstore when you are shopping, but did you ever take the time to read the ingredients in there? You probably can’t even pronounce half of them let alone know what they are. Here’s a little hint… some of them are toxic! Phthalates, parabens, and petrochemicals, oh my! How can these be good for your poor dry skin? Let’s do this the safe way, skip the drugstore and make your own.

There are a few incredible Essential Oils that can be added to your DIY moisturizer to further nourish your skin. These oils are calming, anti-inflammatory and can even encourage cell regeneration. Adding a few drops of these skin loving oils to your carrier may help boost the healing powers of the moisturizer you are using.

The base part of your moisturizer is determined by what you are trying to achieve. Do you need to fully saturate your skin and let it cover you and just soak in? Or are you looking for a thick spot treatment that will heal and protect one really bad area? There are basically 3 different types of moisturizers that you can create based on your needs.

Carrier Options

Nut or Seed Oil: Using a rich carrier oil as your main ingredient is great for covering a large area or really drenching the skin. It is also a wonderful option for locking in hydration right out of the shower. They are full of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Simply adding your Essential Oils of choice to your carrier oil and spreading onto skin will soothe the dryness. 

Jojoba Oil mimics skin’s sebum and soaks in quickly making this a good choice for hands because it won’t leave them greasy. Sweet Almond Oil is an emollient and contains high levels of vitamin E. It’s nourishing and conditioning making it great for very dry skin. Avocado Oil is a mega antioxidant that is loaded with omega 3 fatty acids. It is a great anti-inflammatory making it good for healing skin.

Lotion: An obvious option for dry skin, an unscented natural lotion is a perfect choice for moisturizing your skin. The key is making sure it is not full of unwanted chemicals or bad for you ingredients. Mixing Essential Oils into the softening lotion is a great way to up the restorative properties of the lotion. You only need about 1-2% dilution of Essential Oils to get the desired effects.

Balm or Salve: Much thicker and sturdier in nature, a balm or salve is usually wax based and stays in place for a while providing a protective layer. This a superb option for a spot treatment.  Cuticles, eczema, rough patches, and elbows are places that may need a little more healing power and longer term coverage to keep it from getting worse.

Essential Oils

Lavender: Of course you know that Lavender is calming, but this includes the skin and not just the mind. It is a very restorative oil that can help soothe irritated or even burned skin and promote healing. Lavender Essential Oil is also very gentle and a great oil for young and old.

Chamomile: This incredible Essential Oil is a great anti-inflammatory. This means that when your hands are chapped and inflamed from being very dry, it can help calm the swelling. It is also wonderful for people with sensitive skin.

Geranium: This floral oil is a perfect for balancing skin’s sebum allowing your body to produce the correct amount of oil it needs. It is good for easing irritation and may prevent scars from forming.

Frankincense: The king of oils is useful for so many things, but we absolutely love it for skin applications. It is known to help improve cellular function and has rejuvenating effects. All varieties of Frankincense are good for skin, but Boswellia frereana is an extra powerful skin healer, so we also recommend our Frankincense King Essential Oil Blend.

DIY Soothing Moisturizer


4 oz Glass Bottle (with pump)

2 oz Golden Jojoba Oil

2 oz Sweet Almond Oil

20 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

10 Drops Frankincense King Essential Oil Blend

8 Drops Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

In a glass bowl, mix all the ingredients well. Use a funnel to pour mixture into the bottle, then place cap on. Apply liberally to dry skin as needed. Great for post shower/bath. When applying to hands, allow the oil to sink in before using them.

Optional: Use ½ oz of Rosehip Seed Oil and 1 ½ oz Sweet Almond Oil for an added boost in cell regeneration (great for mature skin).