Essential Oils for Energy

Essential Oils for Energy

Have you ever had one of those days when your third cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it? You need an energy boost and you need it fast. Whether you are trying to make it through the rest of your never-ending work day or you still have to hit the gym after running 6 errands and dealing with the kids, Essential Oils are here to help. There are many different oils that have proven to boost your mood, rejuvenate your mind, and provide a little extra jolt to the body. Here are a few Essential Oils for energy that you can reach for next time you need to add some pep to your step.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Why you need it: When you are looking for instant invigoration, Peppermint can provide a quick fix. This fresh scent is stimulating to the mind and body. This motivating oil actually has proven in studies to elongate the length of time that people exercise when smelling Peppermint Essential Oil, especially when paired with Sweet Orange oil. 
How to use it: Simply inhaling Mint can help fight fatigue and boost physical performance. Try smelling your oil straight from the bottle prior to hitting the gym.


Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Why you need it: This sweet citrus oil is an amazing aid for uplifting your mood and improving your disposition. Orange is a great antidepressant, so it helps to provide mental motivation which can encourage you to accomplish more throughout your day.   
How to use it: Diffuse Orange upon waking to set a positive mood for the day ahead. Try adding a few drops of Peppermint to get a dynamic duo of energy.

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Lemon Essential Oil

Why you need it: We are sure it comes as no surprise that Lemon oil can help energize and revitalize. This bright and zesty citrus is like a breath of fresh air. One study of 56 men and women provided evidence that smelling Lemon reliably improved positive mood. When in search of Essential Oils for energy, Lemon should absolutely be in your arsenal of scents.
How to use it: Any time you are in need of a little mental makeover, sniff some Lemon Essential Oil. Bonus: Lemon is also a wonderfully purifying oil, add a few drops to your cleaning products and improve your frame of mind at the same time.


Rosemary Essential Oil

Why you need it: What we love about this herbal oil is that it really helps with cognitive alertness. Rosemary oil has been used for thousands of years to improve mental focus and increase memory. One study of 28 elderly dementia patients showed that inhaling Rosemary with Lemon improved cognitive function and even decreased onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 

How to use it: Diffuse Rosemary Essential Oil when studying for a test or working from home.

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Cinnamon Essential Oil

Why you need it: This spicy oil is very stimulating to the senses. Providing heat when applied topically, Cinnamon oil may spark feelings of invigoration. The scent of this oil could also help fight depression.
How to use it: When in need of a body boost, add only 1 drop of Cinnamon Essential Oil to one teaspoon carrier oil and massage onto skin to awaken your nerves and create a revitalizing feeling.


Coffee or Iced Coffee Essential Oil

Why you need it: Just like it’s liquid counterpart, Coffee and Iced Coffee Essential Oil can help provide a jolt of energy when you need it. The scent of this arabica oil can help beat tiredness, drive away lethargy, and stimulate the mind. 
How to use it: We love diffusing this oil when in a mid-afternoon slump. Try mixing it with Peppermint oil for an added boost.

Essential Oils Coffee

Coniferous Essential Oils

Why you need them: Spruce, Firs, and Pine oils are not only great Essential Oils for energy, but they are perfect for centering and grounding as well. Just like the tree they come from, coniferous oils provide strength and stability. The aroma of these piney oils provide a rejuvenating feeling just like walking through the forest on a cool fall day.
How to use them: Inhaling these evergreen oils can instantly perk you up, especially when combined with citrus oils. Try diffusing 2 drops of Black Spruce or White Fir with 3 drops of Sweet Orange.

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