Orange Essential Oils: A Definitive Guide to These Cult Favorites

Orange Essential Oils: A Definitive Guide

The bright, fruity, and distinctly citrusy scent of Orange essential oils is unmissable. They are a favorite because the aroma can instantly improve mood and lift spirits. The essential oils from different types of oranges may seem like they are similar, but their aroma profile, chemical constituents, and appearance are very different. Here is a definite guide to all the orange essential oils:


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Wild Orange: 

These oranges belong to the same species as sweet oranges, i.e., Citrus Sinensis, and share much of the same properties. The indigenously grown wild oranges are uncultivated. They have more health benefits than the sweeter variety along with a bolder and tangier scent. Wild Orange Essential Oil has purifying and cleansing properties. You can also take it internally to support a healthy immune system.

Sweet Orange:

As we mentioned earlier, sweet and wild oranges belong to the same species. Sweet oranges, however, are an orchard-grown variety. Sweet Orange Essential Oil is also much more popular owing to its sweeter and more ‘orangey’ scent. Its scent is energizing and uplifting, and the oil has properties that help maintain a healthy and glowing complexion.

Blood Orange: 

Another member of the Citrus Sinensis family, blood orange is native to Sicily, Italy. The presence of anthocyanins, red flavonoid or antioxidant pigments, gives blood orange its distinctive red coloring. The sweet, tart scent of Blood Orange Essential Oil can help reduce feelings of anxiousness, support metabolic health, and also improve the health of your skin.


This orange belongs to the mandarin or the Citrus Reticulata family. Compared to other oranges, tangerine has a deeper orange hue. The sweet fruit is also easier to peel. They are a popular ingredient in desserts and spreads. Tangerine Essential Oil is a popular ingredient in baking, preparation of desserts, and in beverages like smoothies, teas, etc. Tangerine can help in maintaining immune system health.


The mandarin belongs to the family citrus reticulate family. Mandarin essential oil has a unique aroma profile; its scent is a complex blend of fruity and floral. Basically, the fruit from the mandarin tree yields two distinct essential oils: green mandarin essential oil and red mandarin essential oil.

  • Green Mandarin:
    Mandarin trees are often pruned. Green and unripe fruit removed at this time yield the Green Mandarin Essential Oil. The distinct scent best described as fruity, floral, yet tart is great for creating a personal perfume. The uplifting aroma can get rid of foul odors and make the room smell fresh.
  • Red Mandarin:
    The essential oil extracted from the rinds of the mature mandarin fruit is called Red Mandarin. The oil has a reddish appearance to it and has an intense fruity and floral aroma that is sweeter than Green Mandarin. When used in skincare products, it can help promote a clear and glowing complexion.

Different Ways To Use Orange Essential Oils:

Now that you are acquainted with different types of orange essential oils, here are some ways you can use them:

  • Diffuse Sweet Orange Essential Oil in the house in the morning for an energizing start to the day.
  • Start your day by drinking a glass of water with a drop of Wild Orange Essential Oil added to it.
  • Create a multipurpose cleaning spray by adding Blood Orange Essential Oil, apple cider vinegar, and water to a glass spray bottle.
  • Add a drop of Tangerine Essential Oil to your morning smoothie to create a refreshing and energizing beverage.
  • For relief from occasional nausea, deeply inhale the scent of Green Mandarin Essential Oil directly from the bottle.
  • Make Red Mandarin a part of your skincare routine by adding a few drops to your favorite skincare products.