Diffusing Essential Oils vs. Burning Candles

Diffusing Oils vs. Burning Candles

One of the best things you can do to make your house feel more “homey” is to fill the rooms with a beautiful aroma. It makes the atmosphere so warm and inviting. For hundreds of years, people have been burning candles, but it began with the need for light, not for scent. Within the past 40 years, scented candles started to be a new and exciting option, offering many different fragrances to choose from. But, in more recent years since Aromatherapy has gained popularity, more and more people are choosing to use Essential Oil Diffusers in lieu of candles. Which is the better option? How do they differ? Let’s discuss what’s right for you.


Candles: If you are looking for a gentle glow, burning candles might come to mind. The low level lighting can be romantic or calming. In addition, the look of a candle or a group of candles can really add a decorative touch to your space.

Diffusers: Did you know that almost every single diffuser on the market has a built in light? Many of them cycle through different colors and offer the option to have the light on or off when in use. Plus, diffusers can be very ornamental, adding a little style to your home decor. If you happen to have one that is not the cutest design, you could always tuck it away until you use it.


Candles: Let’s be honest, having a fire burning in your home is not the safest idea! When using candles, you usually don’t keep an eye on them the entire time, leaving an open flame to chance. If you have a small child or pet, you might worry about the fire itself, the heat from the flame, or even the glass if it were to break.

Diffusers: No heat, no open flame, and with the Oasis Diffuser and many others, no glass. An incredibly safe option for scenting your space. No need to worry when left unattended. If you are at all unsure about the cord, you can always unplug in between uses. 


Candles: Okay, so this totally depends on the type of candle you are using. There are so many different kinds out there that use safe vs unsafe ingredients. Candles that contain paraffin are highly toxic and environmentally unfriendly. Made from crude oil, then refined and bleached, paraffin candles contain several carcinogens. Soy and beeswax are safer choices, but always make sure they are 100% or they may still contain a small amount of paraffin. Also, most candles are scented with fake fragrances and colored with dyes that emit dangerous VOCs! Lastly, even if you are using a 100% soy based candle, you should know that over 90% of soy is GMO and sprayed with toxic pesticides. 

*A 100% beeswax unscented candle is the safest option because they are all natural and also offer negative ions.

Diffusers: An ultrasonic diffuser is not only toxin free, but it is actually a health promoting item. First, just like beeswax, the Oasis diffuser releases negative ions which help clear the air of allergens and increase serotonin encouraging happy feelings. Second, they do not contain any toxic ingredients, even the break proof plastic is BPA free. Lastly, the Essential Oils you use to scent the room with your diffuser are healthy, safe, and can even improve your mood. Remember, true aromatherapy is the benefits of pure Essential Oils… just because a candle is labeled “aromatherapy” doesn’t mean it’s made with just Essential Oils.

*Note: once you burn Essential Oils at high heat, the molecular structure changes and the therapeutic benefits of the oil may not remain. This is why a cool mist diffuser is your best option.


Candles: Yes, there are so many yummy smelling candles out there, but when you purchase the candle, it only offers the one scent you chose. If you want a different scent, you must buy another candle. In addition, sometimes the scent can be too strong, overwhelming the space or causing a headache. Finally, when you put out the candle, there is a resonating scent of smoke.

Diffusers: Create any and all scents you like! When you have a diffuser, you can make any blend you choose or simply diffuse a single oil. If you have created one you don’t like, simply dump it out and start again. Another great feature is that the scent flow is steady. The same amount of scent is released from the beginning of your session until the end. Also, because it is all natural essential oils, the smell will create a positive effect and not a negative one.


Candles: A very wide range of pricing starting at $1 for something you might find at the dollar store up to almost one hundred dollars for a large decorative candle. Most average between $10-25 each. This may seem like a less expensive option, but remember, you only get one scent per candle. This could quickly add up the more scents that you purchase.

Diffusers: Yes, this is definitely the costlier choice on the front end. The price of the diffuser itself can range from $15-75 with REVIVE’s Oasis Diffuser coming in at only $40. And then you have to add in the upfront cost of the Essential Oils. But the good news is, you can start slowly. Purchase a blend or two and add more as your budget allows. On the back end, a 5 hour diffusion time costs only pennies as the diffuser calls for only 5 drops of oil! In the long term, a diffuser is definitely more cost effective.
Now that you know how the benefits of using a diffuser outweigh the use of candles, where do you start? REVIVE offers a perfect Basics Kit that is an incredible value, including the Oasis Ultrasonic Diffuser, 3 of the most popular single oils, and 3 favorite oil blends. We also really love the Happy Home Kit for creating a wonderful mood in your house. With 3 different useful oils, you can choose to bring happiness, comfort, or even purify the air.