Revive Essential Oils for Emotional Health and Well-Being

There are a number of triggers that can spark emotional imbalance. These factors can be both internal and external including allergies, pollution, emotional trauma and nutritional deficiencies. Aromatherapy can be a great relief for series emotional issues including stress, anxiety and depression. In addition to neutralizing these feelings, they also have the ability to create a calm mind, increase happiness and boost confidence.

How the use of essential oils help to regulate emotional stability:

The sense of smell is the most primal sense, and has a great deal of influence over feelings, moods, memories and overall behavior. Other sensory experiences are delivered to the thalamus which is responsible for diagnosing auditory, visual, tactile and gustatory signals. Smell on the other hand first passes through other regions of the brain including areas that control memory and emotions. For this reason, scents provide triggers to the brain that effect emotions as well as a physical benefit that can enhance and improve emotional well-being.

Other ways to enjoy the positive effects of these essential oils are through:

  • Through a diffuser
  • Massage
  • Hot and Cold Compress
  • Applying to the skin
  • Inhaled directly from the container