Uplifting Essential Oils

Uplifting Essential Oils

The therapeutic benefits for Essential Oils are vast and broad. Their incredible ability to enhance your mood is one of the best advantages of using Aromatherapy. It is a quick and easy way to help encourage positive emotions and a better outlook on life. Simply inhaling some of these uplifting oils or blends can help turn that frown upside down.

REVIVE has some amazing blends that are created to help evoke happy thoughts and boost your spirits. These are expertly crafted synergies that contain a variety of Essential Oils known to combat gloominess. Citrus Delight is a refreshing blend that lifts your mood and even offers some energy to aid in getting you through the day. As the name implies, it has many mood-improving citrus oils, but also comes through with a warm sweetness of Vanilla, which is great for fighting stress. Fantastic Blend is a bright, floral scent that promotes feelings of happiness and makes your feel, well… Fantastic!

Citrus Oils

Essential Oils that come from citrus fruits have an uncanny ability to make you smile. Breathing in these fresh, tangy scents can actually increase your serotonin levels (the happy chemical). They are also known to help reduce stress levels, thus helping you feel better emotionally. Lemon Essential Oil is known to aid in increasing mental alertness and promoting a positive outlook. Grapefruit Oil is an amazingly cheerful scent that brightens your day with just one sniff. And the lesser known Yuzu Essential Oil that comes from the zesty Asian fruit, is great for soothing the nerves while supporting a joyful heart.

Floral Oils

You know the phrase, “Stop and smell the roses?” Well, this can actually be really great advice when you are not in the best mood. Some flowers are very beneficial for helping you improve your mood. Jasmine is an exotic flower that is well-loved in many parts of the world because it smells amazing, but also because of the positive effect it can have on your mood. Studies have shown Jasmine Oil to be effective in helping relieve depression symptoms. Geranium Essential Oil is a highly scented oil that has shown to be effective in reducing anxiety (even during labor), and promote emotional balance. And, of course, Lavender. This popular Essential Oil is great for calming and soothing of all kinds. When used to help stabilize emotions, Lavender Oil can aid in ridding stress, helping you feel uplifted and not so down.

Evergreen Oils

You may have noticed that when you hike through the woods, you come out feeling great. It’s not just the exercise and fresh air (of course, those are amazing too), but it is also from inhaling those incredible evergreens.These large, fragrant trees are exceptionally good for boosting your spirits. Fir oils, including Balsam, Douglas, and Siberian, can really help soothe anxious feelings and encourage a sense of emotional steadiness. Black Spruce Essential Oil is refreshing and elevating. This stimulating scent calms frazzled nerves and can help you to get out of your afternoon slump. Finally, Pine Oil is wonderful for fighting fatigue and can even help eliminate grief.

Diffuser Blend Recipes

Essential oils are not a cure, and do not replace proper medical care when needed for extreme cases of depression. But, they can be beneficial when you are feeling low and need a little boost. Here are a few diffuser blends to try next time you need a little emotional pick me up.

Happy Heart

3 Drops Yuzu Essential Oil
2 Drops Lime Essential Oil
1 Drop Jasmine Absolute

Floral Refresh

3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil
1 Drop Geranium Essential Oil