Roll on Essential Oil Bottles: Why Everyone Needs Them

Roll On Essential Oil Bottles: For Quick and Easy Topical Application

Most of us love to use essential oils topically. When it comes to topical application, essential oils are usually diluted in carrier oils to minimize the risk of an adverse reaction. Many essential oil enthusiasts create their own blends by mixing essential oils with a carrier oil, other essential oils, or both. Essential oils usually come in a glass bottle containing a euro style dropper. The dropper is great for pouring out the essential oil into a diffuser or another bottle. However, it is not appropriate for topical use. Roll on essential oil bottles are a better and a far more practical solution for topical application of essential oils.

A Few Reasons Why Roll On Essential Oil Bottles Are a Great Option:

1)    Extremely portable:

This is perhaps the biggest draw of the roll on bottles. If you have created a special essential oil blend and you want to carry it with you everywhere, then roll on bottles are the perfect solution. They are small, narrow, and light, and they can easily fit in your purse, clutch, or even your pocket.

2)    Store, carry and use essential oils with ease:

The amber colored bottles are perfect to store essential oils and blends. Essential oils should be stored in dark colored bottles to prevent them from losing their aromatic and therapeutic properties. The dark-colored glass also protects the oil from direct sunlight. Roll on bottles are a convenient option to store, carry, and use your favorite essential oils and blends.

3)    Quick and easy application:

Using roll-on bottles is extremely easy. All you need to do is add your oil or blend to the bottle and simple uncap and apply it to the skin. Just hold the roller ball on the skin and apply over the desired area. Re-apply whenever needed.

Roll on essential oil bottles for perfume

4)    Targeted application:

Another great thing about roll on bottles is that you can apply the oil to a specified part of the body with precision. Searing headache? Just use a roll on bottle containing a headache blend on temples and forehead. Want to smell good? Add your favorite blend of aromatic essential oils to a roll on and use on pulse points.

5)    No spillage and wastage:

The use of roll on bottles decreases wastage of oils. Since the roller ball on the bottle only dispenses very little oil at a time, there is no wastage. Also, the oil is only released when the roller ball moves across a solid surface. This means it won’t spill during usage or even during travel. You can easily control the amount of oil released.

6)    Great for beginners:

If you are just starting out with essential oils, then roll on bottles are a great option. Droppers may be a challenge for beginners so you can transfer your favorite essential oil or blend to a roll on bottle for easy application. You may also want to experiment with blending essential oils. The rolls on bottles are a handy option to store and use your creations.

7)    Create custom blends and perfumes:

Roll on bottles typically come in 10 or 15 ml sizes. The limited sizes offer you a chance to experiment with different essential oil and carrier oil combinations to create custom perfumes and blends. You don’t have to waste essential or carrier oils by creating blends in large quantities, especially when you are trying to create new scents. Simply, adjust the dilution ratios as per the roll on bottle size.

8)    Great option for personalized gifts:

Looking for stocking stuffers for Christmas or need to create personalized gifts for your friends and family? Just create a custom perfumed blend in bulk, add to a roll on bottles, add colorful labels and give your blend a cute name. Voila! You have created a truly personalized gift.

Roll on essential oil bottles for perfumes

9)    Use for more than essential oils:

Who says you have to use roll on bottles for essential oil or blends only? You can try your hand at DIY cosmetics and add them to a roller bottle for easy use. Face serums, moisturizers, lip gloss, and eye gels are a few things you can make at home and store in a roll on bottles.

10)    Reuse, again and again:

Roll on bottles are reusable. When the product in the bottle is over, simply wash the bottle, dry, and reuse to store a new product. The glass bottle is pretty sturdy and with proper care and use, it could last a long time.

How to Use Roll On Essential Oil Bottles:

To create a blend with 5% dilution ration, use this basic formula: Add 10 drops of essential oil if your choice to the bottle and fill it up with a carrier oil.

You can use coconut, sweet almond, avocado, jojoba, or grapeseed as carrier oils.

Try these Essential Oil Blend Recipes for Roll On Bottles:

For Floral Scents:

Ylang ylang (5 drops) + Lavender (3) + Sweet orange (2) + Carrier oil of choice

Fruity Fun:

Sweet orange (5)+ Mandarin (3) + Cedarwood Atlas (2) + Carrier oil

Sweet and Spicy:

Vanilla (3) + Cardamom (2) + Cinnamon (3) + Clove (1) + Carrier oil

Earthy Magic:

Vetiver (5) + Patchouli (3) + Cedarwood  (2) + Carrier oil

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