Top Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

Top Essential Oils for Cleaning

It’s a rite of passage that every year as the weather gets warmer, we get the urge to start refreshing our home and removing the dirt and clutter. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a hassle, nor should it be toxic. There are so many incredible Essential Oils that have amazing cleansing properties and even kill germs. Here are some of REVIVE’s favorite oils for sprucing up your home this season and top essential oils for cleaning.


Why you need it: This premade blend is so easy to use for when you need to freshen up any room. This herbal aroma creates a clean and lively scent that drives away any odors. 

How to use it: Diffuse Purify in any space to invigorate the senses while ridding the air of any stale or musty smells. This synergy is also ideal to add to natural cleaning products.

REVIVE Purify Essential Oil Blend

Lemon Essential Oil

Why you need it: You want your home to smell and be fresh and clean! Lemon is the epitome of spring clean! Also known as” liquid sunshine,” this zesty fruit is wonderful for purification while also adding an energizing aroma.

How to use it: Diffuse to eliminate airborne toxins, disinfect surfaces with natural cleaning, and you could even add it to personal hygiene products to detoxify and cleanse your body.


Thyme Essential Oil

Why you need it: This kid safe Essential Oil is highly effective at killing germs even when used in small amounts. An ingredient in many store-bought natural cleaning products, it is well known that Thyme is a powerful cleanser and one of our favorite essential oils for cleaning. 

How to use it: Great for disinfecting surfaces that are often touched by the whole family, create a counter spray with Thyme oil and hydrogen peroxide for a gentle cleanser.

thyme 1

Lavender Essential Oil

Why you need it: You can have a clean house that smells like this beautiful floral oil! Lavender actually means “to wash” and it makes a great choice for scented cleaning projects.

How to use it: Freshen up your linens with a Lavender linen spray or add a few drops of this fragrant oil to your wool dryer balls and smell the goodness on your clothes all day.


Orange Essential Oil

Why you need it: Similar to Lemon, Orange Essential Oil can easily cut through grime and grease. Additionally, the scent of this oil is loved by all and has the ability to uplift while freshening the air around you.

How to use it: Harness Orange’s antiseptic power by using this oil in the kitchen. Add a few drops of Orange to some castile soap and wash your sink and countertops with this bright and juicy scented Essential Oil.

sweet orange 1

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Why you need it: This potent antifungal is great for fighting mold and mildew. In addition, Tea Tree can be a perfect natural deodorizer when used on stinky surfaces.

How to use it: Before you scrub your tub, add a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to the baking soda and soap mixture to boost its bacteria killing capabilities.


REVIVE Clean (limited edition)

Why you need it: Just like its name, REVIVE Clean is good for just that! This cleansing blend can be your ultimate weapon against bad odors. Containing many of the oils on this list, it is an ideal choice for using in every room of your house.

How to use it: Diffuse to remove icky smells from your space or put a few drops on some cotton balls and place them in areas then tend to get musky.


REVIVE Immunity Boost

Why you need it: REVIVE’s version of Thieves oil, this blend is antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiseptic. It can easily help to destroy bacteria and illness causing germs in your home. 

How to use it: You could add Immunity Boost to almost any natural cleaner in your home. Try creating your own “Lysol” style spray by mixing together Immunity Boost with witch hazel and water. Get the recipe and info here.