REVIVE 100% Wool Dryer Balls: Say Goodbye to Fabric Sheets, Softeners, and Fresheners

Did you know there is a more eco-friendly and economical way of doing your laundry? Introducing Revive Dryer Balls made from 100% New Zealand wool. Wool dryer balls are completely eco-friendly and safe to use. An added bonus is that, unlike dryer sheets, they are completely free of harmful chemicals.

How Do REVIVE Dryer Balls Work:

Dryer balls replace dryer sheets in the laundry cycle. When thrown into the dryer, the dryer balls bounce around, circulating hot air through the clothes. This is a more efficient way of drying clothes. They also reduce drying time because the wool balls absorb moisture. This also helps stabilize humidity levels in the machine which in turn keeps your clothes static-free. It is also a natural fabric softener.

Why You Should Switch to Dryer Balls:

If you are looking for an efficient and green way of doing your daily chores, then you should consider dryer balls. Here are a few reasons to help you decide:

You Will Save Money:
Revive Dryer balls can be used over and over again. These high-quality laundry balls can replace the use of dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and fresheners, thus saving you even more money.

Energy Efficient: 
Did you know that more energy is consumed during the drying cycle than the washing cycle? However, by using a set of three dryer balls, the drying time can be reduced by up to 40% for a full load.

No Harmful Toxins: 
Revive Dryer Balls are made using 100% pure, certified, organic, and virgin wool from New Zealand. Plus, they can replace fabric softeners and fresheners which usually contain chemicals. They are perfectly safe for infants, children, and pregnant women.

They Are A Greener Option: 
The wool comes from happy, ethically-treated sheep, and it is environmentally friendly. Not only are they reusable, but they can also be composted once they wear out.

Make Your Own Fabric Freshener:

Dryer balls will leave your clothes soft and static-free, and combining them with REVIVE essential oils will leave them smelling even more fresh and clean, with natural and healthy benefits. Here are some ideas for essential oils to try!


Reviving Your Laundry: The Tumble & Tidy blend is specifically created for use in the laundry containing 10 essential oils that have cleansing and purifying properties. The oils are also perfectly blended to create a gorgeous scent that will make your clothes smell heavenly.

Purifying and Cleansing: Combine one drop each of Tea Tree, Siberian Fir, Tangerine, and Basil

Protection Against the Elements:  Combine two drops of Revive Immunity Boost, and one drop of Grapefruit


Floral Bouquets: Lavender, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Geranium, or Ylang Ylang Complete

Citrusy Fresh: Orange, Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, or Citrus Delight

Fruity and Sweet: Vanilla, Geranium, Red Mandarin, or Green Mandarin

Warm and Musky: Patchouli, Frankincense, or Myrrh

Minty Fresh: Peppermint, Eucalyptus, or Spearmint

REVIVE Dryer Balls are available in sets of three. They are a safe, energy efficient, and sustainable alternative to dryer sheets, and other laundry products.

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REVIVE Dryer Balls 100% Organic New Zealand Wool

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