Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Essential Oils for Weight Loss

If you are like the rest of us, you have overindulged during the holidays and now you are ready to get back on track. Your goals now may be to eat better, workout more, and possibly lose weight. These things are not always the easiest to do, especially in the winter. It’s colder outside, the nights are longer, and you just want to eat some warm comfort food. Essential oils are not a magic pill for weight loss, but they certainly can be a helpful tool during this trying time.


A key part of your weight loss journey is being more active. Taking a daily walk, working out at the gym, or even just doing some sit ups in your living room takes energy to get started. To get the boost you need, you can inhale some essential oils before you begin your exercise. Lemon Essential Oil is amazing for uplifting your spirits, putting you in a positive mood, and helping you feel refreshed and ready to go. Peppermint Essential Oil is great for fighting fatigue and making you feel invigorated. Wild Orange Essential Oil is a bolder and brighter orange scent that can help boost energy levels and improve your mindset.

Get Me Going Diffuser Blend

2 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
2 Drops Wild Orange Essential Oil
1 Drop Peppermint Essential Oil
100ml water in your Oasis Diffuser

Appetite Control

It is totally normal for us to feel hungry. Having an appetite is part of our survival as humans. When we were hunters and gatherers, we needed that hunger to get us out there to find food to live. But nowadays it’s so easy to get food whenever we want it. There’s fast food on every corner and chips in every pantry. So, what can we do to fight that desire to snack all day long?

Studies have shown that our sense of smell increases when we are hungry; why not use this to our advantage? By utilizing neutral scents that help cleanse our pallets and reduce our cravings, we can fight that urge to eat between meals and possibly reduce how much we eat. The smell of Essential Oils goes directly to the hypothalamus which is the part of our brain that tells us we are full. If we trick this part of our brain by smelling these oils, we may be able to hold off on our snacking.

Grapefruit Essential Oil is very beneficial for controlling appetite because the scent of this oil actually activates an enzyme that helps break down fat in your body. It is also a great detoxifier and is supportive to your metabolism. Fennel Oil is a natural appetite suppressant that has shown in studies to help reduce caloric intake when sniffed before meals. Bergamot Essential Oil is a mega stress buster. Components of this oil can reduce Cortisol levels which helps curb stress eating and may lessen weight gain in the stomach area.

Kick the Cravings Roller

1 Roll-on Bottle
10 ml Fractionated Coconut Oil
7 Drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
6 Drops Bergamot Essential Oil
3 Drops Fennel Essential Oil

Put all essential oils into the roller bottle then fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil and place the top on. Apply to chest during the times of day you are most prone to snacking.

*Take care when going in the sun after applying this blend. These citrus oils are photosensitive and can cause sunburn.


When digestion is not on point, your whole body can suffer. Obviously, you feel better when you are properly digesting your food and are staying regular. But, did you ever think about the fact that your body cannot eliminate waste and absorb nutrients effectively? If this is happening, it can, in fact slow your metabolism and make it much harder to lose weight. Drinking plenty of water and making sure that you aren’t eating foods your body is intolerant to can help, but there are some Essential Oils that may aid in digestion as well.

Ginger Essential Oil is a spicy, warm anti-inflammatory that can help ease pain and calm upset tummies. Spearmint Oil is incredible for reducing bloat. It can calm nausea and reduce inflammation. Tangerine Essential Oil is a balancing oil that can maintain the flow of beneficial digestive juices. These three oils together can create a soothing massage blend to help improve digestion and hopefully get you back on track to losing weight.

Tummy Tamer Massage Oil

2 oz of REVIVE Grapeseed Oil
4 Drops Ginger Essential Oil
6 Drops Spearmint Essential Oil
10 Drops Tangerine Essential Oil

Place all the essential oil drops into a bottle and put top on. Gently roll the bottle in your hands to mix. Massage onto stomach as needed to help with bloat and digestion.

*This blend is safe for children.