5 Essential Oils and Blends for Thanksgiving

5 Essential Oils and Blends for Thanksgiving

The day has come to gather around the table and be grateful for the blessings in our lives. Whether we are celebrating with family, friends, or alone, Essential Oils can help stir feelings of gratitude and well-being. Here are some of our favorite oils and blends to use on Thanksgiving.

Sweet Orange

If you want happiness in a bottle, this is it. Sunshiny and bright, Sweet Orange is an uplifting and cheerful oil. This citrus oil is also great for purifying the air and cleaning. Safe for dogs and kids, this Essential Oil is also a wonderful addition to so many other oils, and helps create a balanced blend.



This fragrant Essential Oil is invigorating and stimulating while still promoting relaxation. Like other spice oils, it produces a warming effect that some even say encourage feelings of love. This oil is also great for indigestion, which is a common issue that arises after eating a big meal such as Thanksgiving dinner.

REVIVE Coriander Essential Oil


Ginger Essential Oil is spicy and warm and perfect for the cooler months. It helps provide a boost of energy and promotes feelings of strength and confidence. Spiritually, we like Ginger oil for expressing gratitude. Additionally, this oil is helpful for nausea and aiding in digestion.

Ginger Essential Oil


This blend was specifically designed to encourage connection and create feelings of comfort and calm. When entertaining family and friends for this November holiday, diffusing Home can really bring forth tender emotions and promote togetherness.

home 1

Digest Support

So you have had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner, and of course dessert, and now your stomach is full and upset. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us… and it is totally treatable with your trusty Essential Oils. Digest Support is incredibly helpful for digestive woes. Simply add a few drops of Digest Support to a carrier oil and massage onto the abdomen to encourage relief.

digest support 1

Feeling Grateful Diffuser Recipe

100 ml Water in your REVIVE Diffuser
1 drop Ginger Essential Oil
2 drops Coriander Essential Oil
3 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil