Essential Oils Blends to Celebrate Everything Fall

Essential Oils and Blends to Celebrate Everything Fall!

It’s almost time to bid summer goodbye and welcome Fall. The trees will soon don fiery hues to mark the season and the landscape will transform into a gorgeous display of bright colors. Let’s not forget pumpkin spice everything that will soon be all around us- from pies to lattes. This season sparks something warm and fuzzy inside of us; it’s no wonder that warm, spicy aromas are trademarks of Fall. If you are gearing up for the season ahead, we suggest you add these essential oils to your Fall Must-Haves list.

Essential Oils for Fall:

1) Cinnamon Bark: The mix of sweet, warm and spicy notes makes cinnamon perfect for this season. It is one of the popular spices that can be used in both sweet and savory items. A well-known culinary spice, cinnamon can also help maintain your metabolic and immune system.

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2) Ginger: Another hot oil, Ginger has been used for centuries to treat stomach-related issues. It is excellent for soothing occasional indigestion, nausea, bloating, and gas. It also helps maintain healthy joints. 

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3) Vanilla Absolute: Its rich and sweet aroma is very warming. When diffused in the house, it can make the whole place smell inviting and warm. A romantic scent, it might just be the scent to set the mood for your dates this fall.

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4) Pine: The refreshing aroma of pine essential oil can feel energizing and rejuvenating. It can help soothe tired and sore muscles and joints. It has some collagen boosting benefits that help moisturize, renew, and smoothen skin.

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5) Wild Orange: Citrusy scents add a refreshing note and energize the surroundings. It contains powerful antioxidants and can help support a healthy immune system. It fresh, citrusy scent can add a bright note when combined with spicy essential oils.

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DIY Blends to Make Your Home Smell of Autumn


1) Spicy Treat

Wild Orange 3 Drops

 Cinnamon Bark 2 Drops 

 Clove Essential Oil 1 Drop 

2) Sugar Treat

 Orange 2 Drops

 Clove 1 Drop

 Cinnamon 1 Drop

 Vanilla Absolute 5 Drops  

3) Fresh Out of the Woods

 Juniper Berry 3 Drops 

 Siberian Fir 3 Drops 

 Frankincense 2 Drops 

 Bergamot 2 Drops

4) Sugar & Spice

 Sweet Orange 12 drops 

 Cinnamon 3 drops  

 Clove Bud 3 drops 

 Nutmeg 2 drops

5) Strong Immunity

Rosemary 1 drop 

Peppermint 1 drop

Eucalyptus 1 drop

Cinnamon bark 1 drop 

Wild orange 1 drop

These blends are perfect for the season and each one will remind you of a special aspect of autumn. Diffusing the essential oils is the easiest way to get the scent to reach different corners of the house. You can also enjoy these mixes for massages; simply blend it with Fractioned Coconut Oil. You can also add them to a roll-on bottle along with a carrier like Coconut and carry these around with you. You can use this on your pulse points and enjoy the fragrance throughout the day. 


These are just a few fall blend recipes you can easily whip up at home. We would love to know if you have a season favorite blend. Send us an email of your favorites! [email protected]