Using Essential Oils to Manage PMS Symptoms

Using Essential Oils to Manage PMS Symptoms

Being a woman is an amazing experience! Having the ability to grow, birth, and feed a baby, is empowering and almost unbelievable. But, unfortunately, there are a lot of ups and downs as you ride the crimson wave that allows you to have those privileges. It is said that 85% of women experience some or even many symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. The good news is that there are some incredible Essential Oils that can help settle you down while you ride that monthly roller coaster.

Clary Sage

You may have heard that Clary Sage Essential Oil can be good for female hormones, but truly, this herbal oil can be a woman’s best friend. Supporting almost every symptom of PMS, Clary Sage is the calm in the storm. One component of this oil is sclareol which mimics estrogen in a woman’s body. This promotes hormonal balance and may help reduce issues that arise during your monthly cycle. Additionally, Clary Sage is antispasmodic so when applied topically to the abdomen, it can tame menstrual cramping. Because it contains another component called Linalyl Acetate, it is incredibly calming and great for emotional stability. This is very beneficial for irritability that often comes with PMS. Finally, Clary Sage has shown to help reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and significantly improve mood.

How to use: For cramps, apply topically with a carrier oil and apply as needed to the abdomen. For mood, simply inhale Clary Sage for 30 seconds or wear on pulse points with a carrier.

Clary Sage Essential Oil


Of course Lavender Essential Oil is famous for its ability to calm and relax, so this makes it the perfect choice for tension or depressed mood. One study showed that after 10 minutes of inhaling Lavender, women experiencing PMS showed marked reduction in depression and lack of focus for up to 35 minutes after. Additionally, this floral oil can help ease stress and anxiety and may even reduce migraines during your cycle. Because Lavender contains linalool, it may be helpful in reducing period cramps as well. Lastly, if insomnia haunts you during your cycle, Lavender can encourage better sleep. Researchers found that inhaling this fragrant scent for 20 minutes prior to bed, women experienced a deeper and longer rest. 

How to use: For rest and relaxation, inhale Lavender Essential Oil for 10-20 minutes as needed. For period cramping, apply to your abdomen with a carrier oil as needed.



Fennel Essential Oil is known for its potential to have an estrogenic effect, therefore helping to regulate hormone levels during your cycle. This anise-like oil also has analgesic properties meaning that it can help reduce pain, which is incredibly beneficial for cramps. In addition, Fennel is known to help settle your stomach and even control hunger. This can be super useful if you tend to get tummy aches or serious junk food cravings during your time of the month. 

How to use: For cramps or stomach issues, apply topically to the painful area with a carrier oil as needed. For appetite control, inhale Fennel for at least 30 seconds when you are wanting to snack. Repeat as desired.

REVIVE Fennel Essential Oil

Cycle Calm

This incredible female friendly blend is REVIVE’s version of Young Living’s Dragon Time. Containing all of the above oils, plus Marjoram, Blue Yarrow and Jasmine, Cycle Calm is a synergy of oils to help fight PMS. This blend is meant to encourage balanced emotions and help you feel at ease while dealing with irritability and mood swings. As a bonus, many of the essential oils are great for reducing pain, so it can also be valuable for calming menstrual cramps. 

How to use: To support emotions, inhale Cycle Calm as required until edgy feelings subside. For physical pain from cramps, apply to the lower abdomen with a carrier oil.

cycle calm 1

Other Oils to Consider:

Ylang Ylang reduces blood pressure and anxiety levels.
Jasmine may help decrease feelings of depression and boost serotonin levels.
Geranium may help regulate hormones and increase happiness.

DIY Cramp Crusher

2 oz Glass Bottle
2 oz Fractionated Coconut Oil
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
6 drops Clary Sage Essential Oil
4 drops Fennel Essential Oil
Optional: 4 drops Copaiba Essential Oil

Combine all of the ingredients together and mix well, then pour into the bottle.

Massage onto the lower abdomen as needed.