Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

Best Essential Oils for Cellulite

What Essential Oils are good for Fighting Cellulite?

There isn’t just one essential oil you can use to help eliminate cellulite for good – there are quite a few options you can choose from!

And the best part is, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) just choose one! These oils have synergistic properties among themselves, helping bring out the best in one another. We’ll discuss this more in-depth later on. For now, we just want to list out some of our favorites.

All of these oils are listed as being effective in reducing cellulite by a 2017 PubMed alternative medicine review – so you don’t have to take just our word for it! Let’s start with one of the best essential oils for cellulite reduction – Rosemary.

This herbal oil is great for encouraging movement in the body. That makes Rosemary a wonderful choice for helping cellulitis due to its ability to help deter lymph blockage and promote circulation. Using Rosemary for this purpose is best when combined with massage. Apply the Essential Oil mixed with a carrier oil using slight pressure daily onto the affected area.

rosemary 1

Not only does this citrus oil smell amazing and uplift your spirits, but it is a great detoxifier!

Cellulite may worsen due to toxins in your body. By using Grapefruit Essential Oil topically, you can encourage those toxins to be flushed away.

It is important to note that this oil is phototoxic, so we recommend using it at night. When trying to eliminate toxins, it is pertinent to drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet as well.

grapefruit 1

It is reported that Lemongrass actually has the ability to dissolve fat deposits.

This is super helpful when it comes to cellulite because the fat is actually what is being pushed up against the fibroids causing the rippled look.

This oil is also an antioxidant and helps to reduce inflammation, keeping your skin healthy and tight.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

These similar Essential Oils both work in the same way when fighting cellulite. Aiding in reducing fluid retention and flushing toxins, they can help tone the skin.

They both also encourage blood to move more freely when applied topically and massaged into the area.

Essential Oil Juniper Berry

Fennel oil is another one that is effective at breaking down fat in the body and flushing it away.

This Essential Oil is also a diuretic which means that it can increase detoxification and urination causing the toxins to leave the body more quickly.

While we recommend using Fennel oil topically, drinking Fennel tea can help from the inside out. It may not hurt to try and use the oil both ways for amplified results!

REVIVE Fennel Essential Oil

If you’re sick and tired of hiding your legs and feeling embarrassed when you step out on a bikini because of the way you look, you may find yourself asking, can you use essential oils for cellulite?

It is said that 90% of women have some level of cellulite. Even though it is incredibly common and does not directly affect your health, most women would prefer that orange peel look to just go away!

Because of this popular opinion, many natural remedies have been used and studied to see what is effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Fortunately, there are natural options for diminishing this dreaded cottage cheese look once and for all – an essential oil treatment plan.

It may sound far-fetched, but yes – cellulite is yet another ailment that an essential oil blend may be able to help with, and we’re not just saying that – we have science to back it up!

In this complete guide to using essential oil for cellulite, we’ll cover everything you need to know. Let’s start by explaining what causes cellulite because this will give you a better understanding of how an essential oil blend may be able to help.

What Causes Cellulite?

It is important to understand what cellulite is and what causes it to understand how Essential Oils can help.

The dimpled look is not necessarily caused by fat (hence the reason thin women have it too), but more by how the fat lies underneath your skin.

Connective tissues that run across the fat push against it causing an uneven surface. This often can be seen on thighs, buttocks, hips, and abdomen.

Hormones, diet, activity, genetics, and age all come into play on your level of cellulite, but with regular attention, you can encourage some improvement.

One of the main reasons you may see more lumps and bumps is the quality and elasticity of your skin.

Thinner skin equals greater give. Using certain Essential Oils to help tighten and strengthen skin can be beneficial.

Another reason cellulite may be more prevalent is the lack of blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This is something that Essential Oils are perfect for as well!

So, Can Essential Oils Help With The Appearance Of Cellulite?

Now that you have a better understanding of what exactly causes the appearance of cellulite, we need to ask whether or not essential oils can help.

If you have an understanding of the power and benefits essential oils offer, it’s pretty easy to surmise that yes – you can use essential oils to diminish the appearance of cellulite!

They offer incredible benefits for your skin, helping increase elasticity and smooth imperfections while tightening the skin itself. They also help eliminate toxins within your body that may enhance the appearance of cellulite.

So, the question then becomes which essential oils for cellulite should I use? Let’s take a look at what the science says.

How do I use these Essential Oils to Treat Cellulite?

Creating your own cellulite fighting blend is easy. You’ll just need a combination of essential oil products listed above, along with a carrier oil.

You can create a massage oil to be used daily and you can even take it up a notch by adding one ingredient to make yourself an at-home spa treatment.

Our carrier oil for this blend is going to be Sweet Almond Oil because it helps to soften and moisturize skin.

Cellulite Buster Massage Oil

The first essential oil blend to fight cellulite on your body is a massage oil – and it feels as good as it is for you!

Using essential oils in this manner will not only help reduce the appearance of cellulite, but it feels flat out amazing – while also offering all the other benefits essential oil products have to offer!

Start by gathering the following essential oil types and other necessary products:

Add all of the ingredients into the glass bottle and mix well. Apply topically to the affected area every night. Massage in a circular motion for a few minutes then let the oils absorb into the skin.


Optional Spa Treatment:

Caffeine has shown time and time again to be helpful in reducing cellulite because it has the ability to dilate blood vessels which may improve blood flow and tighten skin.

After a hot shower, remain in the tub area. Pump your Cellulite Buster Massage Oil into your palm and mix it in with a scoop of your used coffee grounds from the morning. Apply generously to the affected area in a circular motion.

Allow the essential oil treatment to sit on the area for 5-10 minutes then turn the shower back on and wash away. This treatment shows almost instant results, so it may be a great routine to add in leading up to your beach vacation!

Final Thoughts On Using Essential Oils To Treat Cellulite

Now that you know essential oils can in fact aid you in your quest to diminish the appearance of cellulite, and you know which specific essential oils to bring to the fight – all that’s left to do is pick out your oils and get to work blending your own treatment.

Whether you simply massage the essential oil blend we’ve recommended into your cellulite and let it sit, or opt for the delightful spa treatment style we’ve encouraged is up to you – and will depend on how badly you want to eliminate the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Either way, you’ll need the right products to get this treatment rolling – so grab all your oils here at Revive, where we’ve gained over 900 five-star reviews for our therapeutic grade, natural essential oils.

With these, you’ll be well on your way to regaining your confidence and feeling better about the way you look – you can’t put a price tag on that feeling!