Clementine Diffuser Blends

Clementine Diffuser Blends

Oh my Darlin’ Clementine! What a sweet and zesty fruit you are. Clean and joyful, you can freshen up a space while putting a smile on everyone’s face. Here are 3 different Clementine diffuser blends that inspire individual moods for each room in the house.

For the Kitchen- So Fresh & So Clean

1 drop Spearmint Essential Oil
2 drops Purify Essential Oil Blend
3 drops Clementine Essential Oil

For the Office- Restore Me

3 drops Coriander Essential Oil
1 drop Lemongrass Essential Oil
3 drops Clementine Essential Oil

For the Bedroom- Sweet and Sultry

1 drop Ylang Ylang Essential Oil
3 drops Pink Pepper Essential Oil
2 drops Clementine Essential Oil