Burn Relief Cream DIY

DIY Burn Relief Cream

Burns are not fun! Whether it be a long day in the sun or a sizzle from a hot pan, when you feel that burn you want to soothe it right away. Aside from just relieving pain, you want it to heal up quickly and avoid scarring too. Here’s a perfect, easy recipe to make your own Burn Relief Cream.


About the Ingredients: 

REVIVE Sunkissed is ideal for calming irritated skin.

Lavender Essential Oil is incredible for soothing skin and encouraging healing. Peppermint Essential Oil has an immediate cooling effect and is great for calming inflammation.

Aloe Vera Gel is known for easing burns. It has the natural ability to soothe inflamed tissue and relieve pain.

Coconut Oil moisturizes while it prevents infection and scarring.

How to Make:

In a large glass bowl, combine your Coconut Oil (the kind you cook with) and your Aloe Vera Gel and beat with your mixer for about 3 minutes. Add in your drops of Essential Oils. Use Sunkissed OR Lavender and Peppermint, not both. Mix for another 1-2 minutes. Using a rubber spatula, scoop the mixture into the glass container and put the lid on.

How to Use:

Apply to burn immediately, covering the entire area. Use as needed up to 3 times a day. Keep in the refrigerator to elongate shelf life and add to the cooling effect.