5 Last-Minute DIY Gifts

5 Last Minute DIY Gifts

Gift giving can be such a rewarding experience. Finding that perfect present and seeing the pleased look on their face when they open it up, is such a great feeling. But what makes it even more special is when it is homemade and from the heart. Essential oils are the perfect tool for creating some amazing last-minute holiday gifts.

Of course, REVIVE has some thoughtful ready-made gifts that you can give to get someone in your life started on their essential oil journey. The quarterly subscription box is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Or the starter kit with diffuser is a great bundle for a loved one that covers all the bases. But if you are looking to get a little bit creative and make your own natural gifts, here are some fun recipes.

 1. Beard Oil

Do you know a man who is working on growing that full and perfect beard? Why not put together a nice little gift that he will actually use… a fantastic smelling and nourishing beard oil. This blend of carrier oils and essential oils can actually help stimulate hair growth and condition the beard at the same time.  You can feel free to play around with the scent a bit, but here are some guidelines to go by.

          2 ounce glass bottle

          1 oz Sweet Almond Oil

          1 oz Jojoba Oil 

          5 drops of Castor Oil

          8 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

          5 drops Lavender Essential Oil

          6 drops Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil

          3 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

 Add all ingredients to a small glass bowl and mix well. Use a funnel to pour the blend into the glass bottle. Create a little note of ingredients if desired and tie with a ribbon to the bottle neck for gifting.

 2. Stress Ball

Teachers can be hard to buy for. You may not always get to know them that well throughout the year, but many times you would like to offer them a small gift of thanks during the holidays. One thing that we can assume is that they carry a lot of stress. Here is a fun gift idea that you can actually create with your child to give to their teacher that will help them manage stress levels by actively squeezing the ball and inhaling the calming oils.

          1 heavy duty balloon

          A small funnel

          About 1/2 Cup of Flour

          10-15 drops of your favorite stress blend (we love REVIVE’s Stress Easy)

 Stretch the balloon a bit by blowing it up to about twice its original size. Wrap balloon tightly around the base of the funnel. In a glass bowl, combine flour and essential oils, stir together. Once it is well mixed, use a spoon to scoop flour into funnel until the balloon is as full as you like. Some people prefer them to be very round, while others like them to be more squishy. Tie the balloon tightly and cut the end off if desired.

 3. Relaxing Bubble Bath

This is such a luxurious gift idea that is perfect for any bath lover that you know. It’s actually a very easy recipe that creates a wonderfully soothing and useful bubble bath. If you can find a pretty glass bottle with a pump, it makes it look extra special.

          A 10 or 12 oz glass bottle (a pump is helpful)

          1 Cup Liquid Castile Soap

          ¼ Cup Vegetable Glycerin (this helps create bubbles)

          15 drops Lavender Essential Oil

          20 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Mix all of the ingredients together in a glass bowl, then pour into the bottle and cap it. Feel free to add a label with instructions that say “Put 2-3 pumps of bubble bath directly into the stream of the warm bath water as the tub is filling, then sit back and enjoy a little R&R.”

 4. Candy Cane Soap

I bet you never thought you could make soap! It is so simple when you use a melt and pour base. There are many different varieties like goat’s milk, shea butter, or even aloe vera. When you make these adorable holiday soaps, no one will ever know that it was just a few easy steps.

  • Silicone Mold of your choice (a holiday theme shape would be cute)
  • 20 oz Melt and Pour Soap base of your choice
  • 25 drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Vanilla
  • A glass measuring cup with pour spout

Chop the soap base into chunks and place in measuring cup. Microwave per product directions then add in essential oils and stir gently. Pour into mold and cool until hardened. Once ready, wrap with brown craft paper or tie with a festive ribbon. 

 5. Muscle Relief Oil

Everyone you know has probably had soreness and muscle tightness at some point. Whether it’s from working out, stress, or unusual physical activity, it’s really nice to be able to get some natural relief. A DIY massage oil for muscle pain is a great gift idea for anyone on your list.

Combine all ingredients in a glass bowl, pour into bottle, and screw on pump. It’s as simple as that! Your recipient can apply to sore muscles as needed for mild pain relief. This thoughtful gift will definitely remind them of you when it makes them feel better after a long, hard day.