Winter Diffuser Party

Winter Diffuser Party

Spending day after day cooped up in your home during the winter can be very trying. Finding ways to boost your spirits or break up the monotony can be incredibly helpful for mental and physical health. Why not do something fun and different? Have a winter diffuser party!
There are so many different blends that you can create for various purposes. Be prepared for challenges to come by putting together premade Essential Oil blends that are ready to go when you need them. REVIVE’s 10 ml Bottles are perfect for storing the synergies that you make ahead of time. Here are 10 great blends to try.

Fireside Chat

When it’s cold outside and you feel the need to warm your soul, diffuse a little Fireside Chat.

Fireside Chat

Let’s Hibernate

If you just want to lay down and take a long winter’s sleep, put Let’s Hibernate in your diffuser and put on some cozy pajamas.

Lets Hibernate

Cabin Fever

When you are feeling stir-crazy, and the long, cold days are making you feel a little claustrophobic… break free by diffusing this Cabin Fever blend.



Healthy Home

If you are worried about seasonal colds invading your house, diffuse Healthy Home to boost your immune system.


Healthy Home

Open Airways

If a cold or allergies does set in, you will need to fight congestion. Diffuse Open Airways to support the respiratory system.



Snowy Slopes

If you want to celebrate winter fun and reminisce in the seasonal bliss, diffuse Snowy Slopes.



Energize & Refresh

When you need to revive a tired mind and press the reset button, try Energize & Refresh.



Joyful Family

Spending time at home, means quality time with the family. Encourage happiness and joy during these special days by diffusing Joyful Family.



Calm & Collected

When the current worldly situations are a bit too much to handle, diffuse Calm & Collected to inspire peace.



Winter Hope

When life has not been the easiest to navigate, but you want to be optimistic about the future, put a few drops of Winter Hope in your diffuser.