The Best Winter Essential Oils For The Holiday Season

As fall comes to a close the days get shorter, the temperatures drop, and our holiday spirit rises. There are a few scents we tend to associate with this time of year, and you can fill your entire home with them using our favorite winter essential oils!

These will create a warm, welcoming vibe in your home and that family and guests will love. Today, we’ll share a few awesome essential oil recommendations for this winter and holiday season.

Then, we’ll even share a few homemade essential oil blend recipes you can try yourself to really get the holiday spirit flowing! Let’s not waste any more time.

What Are The Best Winter Essential Oils?

As winter settles in and you look forward to the holidays, you may wonder how to take advantage of your Essential Oils at this time.

What can be used to make your home welcoming, keep your family healthy, and celebrate the magical season? Here are a few of our favorite essential oils for winter that can make the holidays a little more enjoyable.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

When it is cold outside, you may be looking for an Essential Oil that warms you up… Cinnamon is it! This spicy oil can warm your heart and your skin (but do be careful, it can be a dermal irritant in large amounts).

It is also an immune booster that is also stimulating to the mind and body. Additionally, Cinnamon is a wonderful smell to add to almost any holiday blend and is our top essential oil for winter


Peppermint Essential Oil

This unmistakable scent is minty and fresh and loved by many. Peppermint oil is great for the short winter days because it provides a quick burst of energy.

We also like this oil for easing headaches and stomach aches, which are common during the holidays. Peppermint is also beneficial for respiratory and immune health.


Black Spruce Essential Oil

If you haven’t tried Black Spruce yet, what is stopping you? This beautiful scent is balsamic, woody and piney, making it ideal for the holidays.

Loved by women and men alike, we recommend this oil for respiratory wellness, balance, and relaxation. All of these things are necessary during the winter months.

black spruce 1

Frankincense Essential Oil

You may remember that baby Jesus was given the gift of Frankincense and Myrrh, but did you know that Frankincense really is perfect for Christmas because it can encourage spiritual connection? It can also promote grounding, reduce anxiety, and stimulate the immune system.

REVIVE Frankincense Boswellia Carterii

Pine Essential Oil

This herbaceous and woody oil will instantly remind you of the holidays because it is essentially the exact smell of your Christmas tree.

Pine is an incredible oil for the winter season because it helps clear airways, invigorate the spirit, and soothe sore muscles. This fresh oil also blends well with other woodsy oils to create beautifully scented blends.

pine 1

Breathe Air Essential Oil

Unfortunately, the cooler temperatures and shorter days often bring in colds, congestion, and illness. REVIVE Breathe Air is ideal for combatting breathing issues.

This blend supports respiratory wellness and restful sleep. The fresh and herbal scent can also be used in diffuser blends to create a clean and airy atmosphere.

breathe air

Holiday Heaven Essential Oil

As Christmas approaches, this is the perfect time to reach for your bottle of REVIVE Holiday Heaven.

This heavenly blend will boost your mood while creating a warm environment that promotes connection during the holidays.

We love this blend on its own, but it can also be used as a base for your own creations. This scent also makes a special gift for anyone on your shopping list!

holiday heaven 1

Everything Nice Essential Oil

Are you in search of tidings of comfort and joy this holiday season? Well, you have found it in REVIVE Everything Nice!

Soothing, soft, and a bit citrusy, this blend helps facilitate feelings of positivity and warmth. This is the ultimate scent to diffuse while sitting around the fire.

everything nice 1

Protect Essential Oil

Winter can bring in seasonal threats, so it is important to be on top of your game when guarding your family against illness.

REVIVE Protect is a synergy blend of immune-boosting Essential Oils that can help purify the air, improve your natural cleaning products, and keep you healthy. This scent is also spicy and herbaceous and really adds a holiday touch to your home.

protect 1

DIY Winter & Holiday Diffuser Blends

An essential oil blend combines a few drops of different undiluted essential oils with a carrier oil to produce the ultimate aromatherapy synergy.

By creating your own essential oil blend this holiday season, you can combine a few of your favorite scents to achieve aroma perfection. Bringing these blends to life is super simple, too. You just need to apply undiluted essential oils to a carrier – and then add them to your essential oil diffuser!

While spending time with your family snuggled under the blankets this season, you can enjoy the peace and joy these diffuser blends will help create.

Holiday Memories

3 drops REVIVE Holiday Heaven
1 drop Vanilla
1 drop Nutmeg Essential Oil

Winter Wellness

2 drops REVIVE Protect
2 drops Lemon Essential Oil
2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

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