Top Essential Oils for Easter

Top Essential Oils for Easter

Easter is such a special time of year. Bringing family together on a warm spring day inspires renewal and honors new life. The joy of Easter can be accentuated further with the use of Essential Oils. Whether you are diffusing oils during an Easter gathering or applying topically to improve your mood, they can be a wonderful tool for inspiring positive feelings and promoting purification. Here are REVIVE’s top Essential Oil picks to help you celebrate Easter this year.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Why you need it: This decadent and sweet floral helps bring feelings of comfort and dispels anxiety. Ylang Ylang is a beautiful aroma that adds an exotic twist to any blend.
How to use it: Create a sense of joy for the whole family when you diffuse Ylang Ylang with citrus oils. Try mixing 3 drops of Wild Orange with 2 drops of Ylang Ylang.

ylang ylang 1

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Why you need it: This herbal scent is amazing for emotional balance. Clary Sage can reduce stress, (which can be helpful at the holidays) while also boosting self esteem. We also like Clary Sage for its ability to support PMS symptoms.
How to use it: When feeling out of sorts, mix together a few drops of Lavender with Clary Sage and a teaspoon of carrier oil. Apply to pulse points to help bring alignment to your day.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Why you need it: Fresh and fruity, this citrus oil is full of optimism! Grapefruit is cheery and bright and can promote feelings of positivity. Additionally, this Essential Oil is very purifying and is a great choice when cleaning the home before a party.
How to use it: Diffuse Grapefruit Essential Oil with floral or other citrus oils to encourage a good mood and cleanse the air of bad odors.

grapefruit 1

French Lavender Essential Oil

Why you need it: This bolder version of Lavender is uber calming. This rich floral scent is perfect for the relaxation at the end of a long Easter weekend. It is also a beautiful smell that the whole family is sure to enjoy while the oil deodorizes your home.
How to use it: Diffuse in your bedroom in the evening to help bring on some much needed rest. Try using 3 drops of Bergamot with 2 drops of French Lavender.

french lavender 1

REVIVE Celebrate

Why you need it: What better time to celebrate than during a fresh spring holiday? REVIVE Celebrate is a sweet floral blend that brings feelings of happiness and reminds us to rejoice in the opportunity to connect during this time of year.
How to use it: Inhale a few deep breaths of Celebrate straight from the bottle to fight negativity and encourage a sense of renewal.

celebrate 1

Looking For More? Here are some wonderful sets to consider for Easter

Easter Basket Kit – The perfect trio for a bit of cheer, energy, and relaxation.

Easter Basket Deluxe Kit – Contains the same oils as the kit above, but also has 3 more oils that promote focus, uplifting, and tranquility.

Oils of the Bible Kit – When celebrating Easter, our thoughts turn to Jesus, so it’s only fitting to honor this holiday with the Essential Oils that were all mentioned in the Bible.