REVIVE Spiced Apple

Candy apples, apple cider, apple pie… is anything more fall than apples? How about spiced apples? Like the ones that simmered on Grandma’s stove with cinnamon and clove?. Yes! Now that is just what we need to get is in the mood for fall.

About the Ingredients

  • Copaiba Essential Oil is a calming oil that can aid in easing anxious feelings. It is also wonderful for reducing inflammation.
  • Davana Essential Oil smells divine and provides a tarty sweetness to this blend. It is a great oil for creating a pleasant mood.
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil drives the spiciness in this mix and encourages a warming feeling. It is always a go-to in fall and winter blends.
  • Lemon Essential Oil is bright and fresh, great for uplifting your mood and providing an extra boost of energy.

How to Use Spiced Apple

  1. Diffuse to Create an Autumn Ambiance: Add 5 drops of REVIVE Spiced Apple to your REVIVE Diffuser with 100 ml water to fill the air with a feeling of coziness.
  2. Make Potpourri: Take a blend of pine cones, dried fruit, flowers or herbs that have been dehydrated and place them in a pretty dish. Sprinkle 10-15 drops of Spiced Apple over the top and refresh as needed.
  3. Boost Immune System: Many of the oils in this blend are great for killing germs and helping build immunity against seasonal threats.