REVIVE Peppermint Latte

You know that feeling of when you step into your favorite little coffee shop… the soft yellow light glows overhead, the warm air hits your cheek and then you get the waft of a delicious peppermint latte? Yes! We know that feeling too and that is why REVIVE Peppermint Latte is one of our most loved blends.

peppermint latte 2

About the Ingredients

  • Peppermint Essential Oil is a cooling, bright, and uplifting oil. It can help provide energy and boost your mood.
  • Coffee Essential Oil smells just like your much needed morning brew. This oil is very stimulating and helps sharpen mental focus.
  • Vanilla Extract is a sweet addition to this scent. It helps provide a warmth to round out this blend

Vanilla: Adding warmth and sweetness to the synergy, this scent is comforting and grounding. It helps you relax and even soothes anxiety.

How to Use Peppermint Latte

  1. Diffuse for a Pick Me Up: Morning, noon, or night, diffusing 5 drops of Peppermint Latte in your REVIVE Diffuser can help lift your mood.
  2. Workout Roller: Create a roll-on that can be applied topically before heading into the gym. Add 6-9 drops of Peppermint Latte to a roll-on bottle, fill the rest of the way with your carrier oil, and pop in the fitment.
  3. Keep Alert in the Car: Apply 3 drops to the end of a wooden clothespin then clip onto the car vent and turn on fan to encourage focus while driving.

Peppermint Mocha Diffuser Blend

100 ml Water in your REVIVE Diffuser
2 drops REVIVE Peppermint Latte
2 drops REVIVE Copaiba & Coffee
1 drop REVIVE Iced Coffee Essential Oil