Hawaiian Sandalwood

Hawaiian Sandalwood

The new oil of the month has arrived and it is a beautiful new addition! Hawaiian Sandalwood is a soft and luxurious Essential Oil with an alluring aroma to match. This oil has some incredible physical, mental, and spiritual benefits so let’s get down to it.

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REVIVE Santalum paniculatum is distilled from the heart of the small, mature Hawaiian tree that grows naturally in open air woodland communities. The scent is warm, woody and slightly sweet, almost honey-like.

About the Oil

Hawaiian Sandalwood is a smooth and mellow oil that helps provide feelings of relaxation and peace. It makes a great companion for meditation by developing a deep state of calm. Additionally, this soothing Essential Oil is very beneficial for skin. Studies have shown that Hawaiian Sandalwood may moisturize dry skin and improve the appearance of imperfections.

How to Use Hawaiian Sandalwood

  1. Calm a Tense Mind and Body: Mix a few drops of Hawaiian Sandalwood into a tablespoon of Sweet Almond Oil and massage onto shoulders and back to encourage relaxation.
  2. Promote Flawless Skin: Apply a few drops of the Essential Oil mixed with a carrier oil like Argan every night after cleansing to create clear, glowing skin.
  3. Enhance Yoga or Meditation: Diffuse Hawaiian Sandalwood during your spiritual practice to open mind and ground emotions.