It’s time for a brand new unique and exotic oil of the month. Damiana Essential Oil will make its grand entrance with its complex aroma and enticing qualities. We are thrilled to bring this sweet floral to REVIVE’s repertoire of beautiful essential oils.



The Damiana plant is a small shrub that blooms little yellow flowers before producing a fig like fruit. In Mexico, the majority of Damiana is destined to be an ingredient in a well-known liquor. Alternatively, this plant is often used in an herbal tea or a tonic that is historically taken to arouse passion. Our sources distill the Essential Oil from the blossoms and leaves of this precious botanical.

About the Oil

REVIVE Damiana is a sugary and fruity scent with an earthy base note. This enchanting oil is helpful for calming the central nervous system and reducing stress while also increasing feelings of pleasure. Often acclaimed for its aphrodisiac therapies, Damiana may be beneficial for increasing libido. Additionally, this Essential Oil can also help ease digestive issues.

How to Use Damiana

  1. Create a Couples Massage Experience: Add a few drops of Damiana to Sweet Almond Oil and rub your partner’s shoulders/back/neck. This oil is great on its own or with other aphrodisiac oils like Amyris, Blood Orange, or Clary Sage.
  2. Put your Mind at Ease: Diffuse Damiana to help minimize stress and anxiety. Try adding a few drops of Bergamot Essential Oil as well.
  3. Soothe the Digestive System: Mix two drops of Damiana Essential Oil with an unscented natural lotion and apply to the stomach in circles to help calm chaotic digestion.