How to Make Essential Oil Roll-ons

How to Make Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Aromatherapy roll-ons are absolutely one of the easiest ways to use Essential Oils. Diluted and ready for use, you can easily apply when and where needed. They are also a great size to bring with you on the go – fitting in a pocket, purse, drawer, or school bag. Plus, they are actually very easy to make and you don’t need a whole lot of supplies. Let’s get started.

Supplies & Tools

  • Roll-on Bottles
  • Essential Oils
  • Carrier Oil
  • Small Funnel (optional but helpful)
  • Labels

The Essential Oils that you choose will depend on what you want to use the roller for. You can easily use one of REVIVE’s synergy blends. For example, if you love diffusing Stress Easy, but you also would love the option to bring that scent with you, you can create a roll-on with just REVIVE Stress Easy Blend and a carrier oil.

Most people enjoy creating their own blends in their roller using single Essential Oils that they have. This gives you so many options! By combining different oils based on their therapies, you could make rollers for everyday issues that you have. Some of these might be: headaches, tummy aches, allergies, stress, sleep, skin care etc.
There are a few different carrier oils (fatty nut/seed oils that help “carry” the Essential Oils into your skin) you can choose from for rollers and this may depend on your desired use as well. One of the most common options is Fractionated Coconut Oil. This oil is odorless, light on skin, and has a long shelf life. Another popular choice is Golden Jojoba Oil. Acting very similar to our skin’s natural oils, this carrier is great for all skin types and can help hydration. When making a blend for the skin, you may want to consider where you are applying it. For example, if you are making an anti-aging roller for the face, you can use some Evening Primrose Oil to help nourish delicate skin, giving the Essential Oils you are using an added boost of therapy.

Safe Dilutions

Safety is very important when it comes to topical application of Essential Oils. When making your own roll-on, you need to consider who will be using it and why. The amount of drops you use will be different if the roller is for your child vs. yourself. It will also vary based on the type of use: everyday therapy vs. short term use for an acute application. Even when an oil is pure, it is smart to dilute “hot” oils, which prevents your skin from being burned or desensitized.

  • 1% Dilution: Recommended for children (2-10), elderly, dogs/horses, and facial applications
  • 2%: Recommended for daily therapeutic use, bath and body applications.
  • 5%: Short term use like topical treatment of pain
  • 10%: Short term acute situation like rashes, bites, skin infections

* A note on infants: For a healthy, full-term baby, topical application of .5% can be used between the ages of 6 months and 2 years old. Please only use baby safe oils such as lavender, chamomile, frankincense, and copaiba.

Here is an easy reference guide for safe dilutions. REVIVE rollers are a 10 ml bottle.

How to Make and Use Your Roll-on

Once you have determined your dilution, the Essential Oils you want, and your carrier oil, you can put them all together. Oftentimes, if you are not working with a premade recipe, you may want to experiment creating the oil blend in a separate glass container so as to not waste too much of your EO’s. First, drop in your Essential Oils into the clean glass roller bottle, then add your carrier oil to the top (use a funnel if you have one so you don’t spill). Pop in the roller top and screw the lid on. Roll it around in your hands for a few seconds to mix. Finally, make sure to label your bottle. That’s it!


To use, simply apply as needed for your natural therapy. Essential Oils, when applied by roll-on, tend to last in your body from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. We recommend waiting until about 90 minutes before re-applying.


Pain Away Roller

(5% dilution: short term use)

10 ml Roll-on Bottle

3 Drops Wintergreen Essential Oil

4 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

8 Drops Copaiba Essential Oil

2 tsp Fractionated Coconut Oil

Add all of the ingredients into your roller and apply topically as needed for pain.


Get in the Game Roller

(Kid safe blend for focus)

10 ml Roll-on Bottle

2 Drops Brain Time Blend

1 Drop Lemon Essential Oil

2 tsp Grapeseed Oil

Mix all of the ingredients in the roller and apply to your children’s pulse points for help concentrating.