2019 Fall Box

We are SO excited that you are a Fall Box Oil fan and now have access to our favorite Fall Oils!! Since all of the oils in the Fall Box are NEW and MINT COOKIES is only available through the Fall Box we wanted to make sure you had one easy place to learn all about the amazing-ness of these REVIVE oils! So get cozy somewhere warm, enjoy the changing seasons and get to know your Fall Oils!!!!

Mint Cookies


Is anyone else a little crazy about cookies? We can talk forever about our favorite oils and blends, but cookies are our next favorite topic! Chocolate chip or peanut butter. Even oatmeal raisin gets us excited!  What’s your favorite? If by chance you dedicate a large part of your freezer to keeping stocked up on Girl Scout cookies, then we have a treat for you! Revive Mint Cookies is going to make all your cookie dreams come true!

Component Highlights

  • Copaiba Essential Oil is an excellent calming and soothing agent. It acts on skin, breathing, and the mind to steady and quiet disruptions.
  • Peru Balsam Essential Oil helps dysregulated emotions, calms nerves, and promote tranquility. Peru Balsam contains Benzoic Acid that is helpful in aiding minor scrapes and skin issues, including dry cracking skin.
  • Peppermint Essential Oil has revitalizing properties that helps refresh and relax the mind and body.
  • Lime Essential Oils helps support your immune system and is cleansing.

How to Use it   

You can use the Mint Cookies blend topically and aromatically. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or use diluted on the skin.

  1. Diffusion: Diffuse 6–8 drops to help create a cozy, sweet environment. Make your house smell like your favorite cookies! Diffuse with the REVIVE Ultrasonic Diffuser in your home throughout the day.
  2. Sweet Skin Soothing: Create a Mint Cookies, skin nourishing balm with Fractionated Coconut Oil, and a few drops of the Mint Cookies blend.
  3. Relaxing Car Rides: Add a few drops to a cotton ball and keep in the car during long drives to keep calm and cool.
Mint Cookies

Pumpkin Spice Latte



Pumpkins, and Spice, and Everything Nice. Plus some coffee, just for good measure. Pumpkin Spice Latte (or for those true pumpkin lovers – PSL) is an energetic and uplifting blend that is just what the soul needs on a Fall morning.

Component Highlights

  • Clove Essential Oil is a powerful cleaning agent and provides seasonal immune support.  It is considered a hot oil, so always should be diluted prior to applying to the skin.
  • Coffee Essential Oil comes from the cold pressing of coffee beans, and boasts the same stimulating effect as a cup of coffee might give. It is a great oil for waking up and boosting focus.
  • Ginger Essential Oil is helpful in calming feelings of unease and also is a great for quelling nausea and feelings of motion sickness.
  • Black Pepper Essential Oil is packed with antioxidants that fight seasonal threats. It can also aid in fighting off worried feelings.

How to Use it   

You can use the PSL blend topically and aromatically. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or use topically, diluted on the skin.

  1. Diffuse Fall: Use the REVIVE Ultrasonic Diffuser and diffuse 4-5 drops to transform your home into a fall paradise!
  2. Energy Boost: Put 1 – 2 drops of PSL in your hands then cup them over your nose and take a few breaths. This awesome blend of energizing oils with help give you a boost in the afternoon.
  3. Freshen and Clean: Harness this fall power house by adding it to a cleaning solution. One of our favorite homemade cleaning solutions is a gentle solution made of 4 ounces Castile Soap, 0.5 ounces of water, 0.5 ounces vinegar, and 15 drops of your favorite REVIVE Essential Oils.



This blend was specially formulated to help create feelings of connection and joy when the weather outside is starting to get cold and dreary. It is warm and wonderful, and is perfect for spending time at home with friends and family. This blend helps make your house really feel like HOME!

Component Highlights:

  • Lavender Essential Oil is one of our top selling oils for a reason! It is calming for occasional skin irritations and helps maintain healthy, blemish-free skin. It also promotes relaxation and can help soothe stressed feelings.
  • Vetiver Essential Oil is a calming and relaxing oil. Vetiver oil is derived from a plant in the grass family, and our Vetiver is sourced from Haiti where we have found plants that derive the best smelling and highest quality oil!
  • Cinnamon Essential Oil will rid the air of environmental threats and also freshen up any space in your home or office.
  • Oregano Essential Oil is a powerful oil so a little bit goes a long way. Oregano essential oil can be used in cleaning products and for fighting seasonal illness.

How to Use it   

You can use REVIVE Home topically and aromatically. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or use diluted on the skin.

  1. House Warming: When you have guesting coming over and want to make your space warm and inviting, diffuse 4-5 drops! Or even better, gift your favorite holiday hostess with a bottle of Home.
  2. Diffuse for health: Diffuse 4-5 drops regularly to fill your home with the warm, citrusy and spicy aroma which also helps purify the air when you are stuck inside during the fall and winter months!
  3. Foot rub bliss: Dilute with fractionated coconut oil, and use for a warming foot rub!
Home fall box blend

Tumble & Tidy

Tumble and tidy-8 3


This essential oil blend is an all-natural cleaning powerhouse! It is perfect for eliminating the need for chemicals typically used to make laundry smell great when drying. Add it to an unscented dryer sheet, dry washcloth or to wool dryer balls with your clothes in the dryer. 

Component Highlights

  • Tea Tree, or Melaleuca, Essential Oil is a powerful cleanser, and is commonly used in cleaning blends and laundry fresheners. The common name Tea Tree means dark and white in Greek, which is thought to come from the first discovered in these species white bark that was fire-blackened.
  • Lime Essential Oil has a zingy and zesty aroma that is energizing and up-lifting. It has properties which support and improve skin health and is often used in cleaning blends.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil is often associated with cooking, however this oil also promotes hair health and relaxation.

How to Use it   

You can use the Tumble & Tidy blend topically and aromatically. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or topically use on the skin.

  1. Tidy the House: Diffuse 2-3 drops with the REVIVE Ultrasonic Diffuser  to rid your house of odors and purify the air.
  2. Great Smelling Laundry: Add 2-3 drops to 3 wool dryer balls. Toss the dryer balls into the dryer with wet clothes (use 6 dryer balls for large loads as this will help dry the clothes even faster). Re-apply oil as the scent dissipates.
  3. Refresh stale linens: Add 10 drops of Tumble & Tidy to a glass spray bottle with 1/4 cup water and spritz it on linens.
Tumble and tidy-8 3

Dryer Balls 100% Organic New Zealand Wool (3 Pack)


REVIVE 100% Organic New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls are a must have for any Essential Oil user. That’s because Dryer Balls with 3 drops of your favorite REVIVE Essential Oil or Blend are a 100% Natural alternative to artificial Fabric Softeners. Dryer Balls soften clothes, reduce static cling, and save energy & reduce drying time by up to 40% when you use all 3 balls. They’re better for you and for the environment. Even though laundry can be never ending, these Dryer Balls will last and last. Reuse REVIVE Wool Dryer Balls over and over again!

Component Highlights

  • Reusable, sustainable dryer balls made from 100% pure organic wool.
  • Absolutely no toxins! Safe for infants, children and during pregnancy.
  • Saves money! No need to buy fabric softener or dryer sheets again.
  • Saves energy! Wool dryer balls reduce drying time by up to 40% for a full load (with a set of 3).

How to Use   

Apply 3 drops of your favorite oils or blends to each Dryer Ball. Toss 3 Dryer Balls in your dryer and let them happily bounce around. The balls help the air to circulate during drying, cutting drying time and static cling! Just re-apply oil as needed when you notice the scent has been used up.

dryer balls

Fall Love

Now you have the low down on all the Fall Box Goodies! And if you made it all the way here and haven’t purchased the Fall Box yet, what are you waiting for!? Go get it now!! It is only available until December so get yours before its too late and 2020 is here. As always, we are here if you have any questions or just want to share how much you are loving your Fall Box!

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PS. We love how excited everyone is for the Wool Dryer Balls… And we have another surprise for you for Winter, Yay!! Its going to be so hard to keep our lips sealed, but 2020 will be here before you know it!