The Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils

The Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils

Are you one of those people that is forever searching for the Fountain of Youth? Are you worried about aging and the effects that time has on your skin? We understand and we are here for you. Because, at some point, we all worry about how to care for our skin and maintain that youthful appearance. And even though you may not want to dive head first into that fountain, we certainly can do a few things to help slow down the hands of time. Utilizing certain Essential Oils and Carrier Oils that encourage healthy skin will help you take the first step on the road to anti-aging.

Okay, so you may not have heard about this lesser known Essential Oil, but I bet you have heard of Vitamin C for aging skin? Those expensive serums, masks, and exfoliators that promise brighter skin are a store bought option, but why not use your oils? Carrot Seed Essential Oil contains considerable amounts of both vitamin C and vitamin A: two incredible ingredients for skin support. In addition, Carrot Oil has carotenoids which fight inflammation and improve skin tone. It is a powerful antioxidant that combats free radicals that cause cell damage. All together, these components lead to an oil that improves moisture, rejuvenates dull skin, and promotes cell turnover. One important note on Carrot Seed Oil is that it does not smell the best aromatically, so it is definitely recommended to combine with another Essential Oil from the list below.

In contrast to Carrot Seed Oil, Rose Oil smells divine! This strongly scented floral oil is a perfect match for toning down the smell of carrot. Plus, a little goes a long way. This highly valuable oil is wonderful for mature skin as it promotes an even skin tone by fighting inflammation, boosting moisture maintenance, and reducing puffy or red skin. Rose Essential Oil has also proven to be another spectacular antioxidant thus offering treatment for preventing skin damage. Lastly, in knowing that Rose Oil is great for improving estrogen levels during menopause, it could also help bring back that youthful glow.

This prized Essential Oil is wonderful for skin in general, but can be especially helpful when with facial anti-aging. Frankincense has proven to promote healthy tissue growth and help prevent scarring. It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen which really negates the formation of wrinkles. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, but one of the best therapeutic benefits is that it is a cicatrisant. This means that it can actually help encourage skin cell renewal which rejuvenates the skin! There are some preliminary studies that have shown compounds in Frankincense Oil to be effective at fighting some cancers, so adding this oil to your skin care routine may aid in skin cancer prevention to boot.

One major reason skin begins to age prematurely is dryness. It is imperative that you maintain proper moisture. This is where Sandalwood Essential Oil comes in. It also encourages healthy blood circulation which keeps skin fresh and smooth. Boasting anti-inflammatory properties, Sandalwood may also reduce undesired puffiness as well.

Carrier Oils

A very important part of creating an anti-aging blend for your face is to consider the benefits that the carrier oil adds to your final product. The carrier, or base oil for your Essential Oils, contains many components that are just as valuable. Knowing what type of skin you have and what outcome you are looking for will help in choosing the right carrier oil for you.

This oil is a super moisturizer, so if you suffer from dry skin, add this one to your regime. Rich in GLA (Omega 6) fatty acids, Evening Primrose reduces inflammation and leaves skin nourished. This carrier oil promotes healthy skin structure and improves elasticity. Evening Primrose Oil is best when used as only a portion of your base oil, about 10-30% of your final product is ideal.

Are you sensing a trend here? Yes, it seems all types of rose related flowers are great for mature skin! Rosehip Seed Oil is full of Omegas 3, 6 and 9, plus it contains Vitamins E and A which all aid in collagen and elastin production. It is also a great antioxidant and it aids in tissue regeneration. It is recommended to keep it at about 20-25% of the total base oil.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is ultra nourishing and conditioning. The polyphenol antioxidant content is wonderful for aging, mature, or damaged skin. It also contains Omega 5 which penetrates deeply and helps brighten, tone, and produce hydrated skin. Pomegranate Seed Oil is also relatively light and scentless, so it’s a great add on carrier oil.

This luxurious oil is great for all skin types, but especially sensitive and aging skin. Argan Oil helps to restore dull complexions and diminish fine lines. High in Omegas 6 and 9 and Vitamin E, this protective oil will aid in cell renewal.

Anti-Aging Serum

2 oz Glass Bottle
1 oz Argan Oil
½ oz Rosehip Seed Oil or Evening Primrose Oil
½ oz Pomegranate Seed Oil
8 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil
3 Drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil
5 Drops Rose Essential Oil
5 Drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

In a small glass bowl, mix together all ingredients well. Using a funnel, pour the oil into the glass bottle. Apply to clean, dry skin 1-2 times a day to help prevent aging skin.

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