Endless Summer Body Spray DIY

Endless Summer Body Spray

The thought of a “Body Spray” might bring you back to childhood when you would shop at the mall and try out all of the different spritzes from the bath and body stores, but believe it or not, they are making a comeback… in a new and natural way. DIY Body Sprays are a fun and flirty way to wear your favorite Essential Oil blends. They are easy to make and use, and feel light on your skin. This fresh and floral scent is perfect for the long, hot summer ahead.


About the Ingredients:

REVIVE’s Fantastic Synergy Blend and Grapefruit Essential Oil are perfect for encouraging feelings of positivity and uplifting your mood. Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood Essential Oils have aphrodisiac properties and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Natural Grain Alcohol is used for its ability to solubilize the Essential Oils and water and preserve the spray. Everclear is a good choice, otherwise a high proof alcohol could work.

Vegetable Glycerin helps all of the ingredients mix, but also helps the scent last longer.


How to Make:

In your glass bottle, drop in all of the Essential Oils, then add the alcohol. Swirl together and allow it to blend and air out (the scent of the alcohol will remain a bit). After a few minutes, put in your vegetable glycerin and swirl again. Next add in the water and put the top on. 

This is a safe 2% dilution. If you find that you still smell the alcohol too much, you can double the amount of Essential Oils.


How to Use:

Shake and spray all over your body, hair, and clothing as desired. Re-apply as needed.

*If you double the recipe and spray a lot on your skin, avoid sun exposure for 12 hours.