DIY Mega Moisture Mask

DIY Mega Moisture Mask

If the cold winter air is drying out your skin and you need some mega moisture fast, here is a great DIY face mask that can quickly infuse your skin with the hydration you need.

DIY Mega Moisture Mask

About the Ingredients: 

Argan Oil is incredibly moisturizing and great for sensitive skin. It can help improve elasticity as well.

Raw honey is a great natural ingredient to help hydrate skin. It can promote balance and healing while eliminating bad bacteria.

Helichrysum is an incredible oil for skin repair and improves dry skin. All Frankincense varieties are good for skin, but Sacred Frankincense is high in alpha-pinene which makes it very anti-inflammatory. Lavender Essential Oil is also very soothing for skin.

How to Make:

In a small glass bowl, mix together the Argan Oil and the drops of Essential Oils. Add in the honey and stir to combine. Apply in a thin layer to a clean dry face and let sit on skin for 20-25 minutes. Using a warm washcloth, remove the mask thoroughly wiping in a circular motion. Apply lotion right away if desired. 

Repeat weekly when needed for dry skin.