DIY Holiday Cheer Room Spray

Holiday Cheer Room Spray

The holidays are a time of gift giving and nothing means more than a homemade gift like a DIY Holiday Room Spray. Sure, they take a little more time and effort, but that is what makes them so special. Taking advantage of your Essential Oil collection can be an easy and fun way to share natural presents with your family and friends. REVIVE is here to help you create some unique and useful holiday gifts from the heart.

Holiday Cheer Room Spray

1 oz Spray Bottle
1/4 oz of High Proof Alcohol
3/4 oz Distilled Water
4 drops White Fir Essential Oil
4 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil
5 drops Orange Essential Oil 

Drop all of the Essential Oils into the bottle. Add in the Alcohol and swirl to mix. Pour in the water and put the spray top on. Print out our Holiday Cheer label and apply to the bottle for gift giving.

These labels are designed for a 2 x 2 template, such as Avery 22816


Click on the image below to open a printable version!

holiday cheer diy gift printable