DIY Face Mask Spray

DIY Face Mask Spray

Whoever would have thought that a face mask would be part of your everyday fashion wear? But we have to accept that it is and do what we can to keep that mask clean and fresh. If daily laundry isn’t your jam, you probably don’t get the chance to wash your favorite cloth mask that often, so we are here to help. Here are two easy recipes (depending on what oils you have) for a refreshing DIY face mask spray.

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About the Ingredients

Natural Grain Alcohol such as Everclear or a high proof clear alcohol is useful for a few reasons: it aids in killing germs, it preserves the blend, and it helps the Essential Oils and water mix.

Rosemary, Lavender, and Lemon Essential Oils are wonderful clean scents that also have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

REVIVE Purify drives away odors and brings freshness while naturally killing germs. Adding Lavender and Lemon to Purify can boost the mood boosting properties as well.

How to Make

To your glass bottle, drop in your Essential Oils and pour in the alcohol. Swirl gently to mix, then add in the water. Put the spray cap on.

How to Use

Shake gently, then spray your cloth mask a few times on both sides. Let the mask dry completely before wearing. Use as needed when you can’t wash your mask. 

Do not use on disposable masks. We recommend that you still wash your cloth mask at least once a week.

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