DIY Citrus Break Lip Balm

DIY Citrus Break Lip Balm

Are you a lip balm junkie? Do you constantly collect different flavors and coat your lips all day long? Then this DIY is for you. Stop buying lip balm and start making your own with this easy homemade recipe.


About the Ingredients: 

Beeswax is used as the solidifying agent in this recipe, but it is also a great skin conditioner that hydrates and protects.

Sweet Almond Oil is very moisturizing and it penetrates deep into dry skin.

Shea Butter reduces inflammation and soothes irritated skin. 

REVIVE Citrus Break is a beautiful blend of citrus and spearmint that is safe for lips and smells amazing.

How to Make:

In your glass measuring cup, add in the first 4 ingredients. Next, microwave in 30 second increments until fully melted, but not overly done. Using a hot pad, carefully remove from the microwave and set down on a heat safe surface. Gently stir in the drops of Citrus Break with the wooden stick and pour slowly into the containers. Place in the refrigerator to help the lip balm cool down quickly without letting it grainy.

Apply as needed to dry lips.