Essential Oil Storage: Clever Ideas

Essential Oil Storage

Is your oil collection growing? Are you starting to wonder how you are going to store all of these fragrant little bottles and thinking about Essential Oil storage? Well, you are not alone. We have seen and heard some of the most creative ideas on how to store your oils, so we thought we’d share some with you.

If your kitchen countertop just isn’t cutting it anymore, you should know there are some great ways to keep your collection organized and all together without breaking the bank. In fact, you may have a few items around the house that could easily be used as storage.

Remember… Essential Oils do not like heat or direct sunlight. If you choose to use a refrigerator, keep them separate from food as it could absorb the smell.

Storage Facts:

  • Store in a cool, dark place
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Minimize oxygen contact, keep tightly closed
  • Most oils will last 1-5 years
  • Citrus oils oxidize quickly lasting only about 9-12 months

Drawers or Shelves

This might sound obvious, but many people don’t think about the fact that shelves they already own can be repurposed into Essential Oil storage. This could even work with an old display cabinet. Keep in mind that if the shelf is open and light could get to the oils, so just make sure it is hanging on a wall that does not get direct sunlight. Another option is a drawer. You could easily use a drawer organizer or even a silverware tray as a divider to put them in. In this particular case, you may want to utilize REVIVE’s Essential Oil Cap Stickers so that when you look down into the drawer, it is easy to spot the oil you need. Additionally, some of the larger sections can be used for supplies like bottles and carrier oils.

A Spice Rack

Yes, you read that right. A spice rack makes for perfect Essential Oil storage. Whether it be a wall rack, a revolving organizer, or a tiered shelf; a spice rack can help you categorize and arrange your collection. Since a normal spice rack makes it very simple to see your spices, the same would be true for your oils. If the rack is old and wooden, this could be a fun painting project as well. Once again, remember to keep it out of sunlight.

Tupperware or Wooden Boxes

Have you ever cleaned out your cabinets and come across plastic or wooden boxes that you just don’t need anymore? This is the perfect opportunity to make it into a storage space for your oils. Having dividers or sections inside a covered box could be ideal. This would also be an excellent place to keep your ready made rollers and sprays too. Another great feature of using storage like this would be that these boxes could be easily tucked away in a closet or under furniture.

Dollar Store or Thrift Store Items

Believe it or not, there are so many great finds that cost as little as $1! One of the best choices is an acrylic nailpolish or lipstick organizer. The squares are often the perfect size for roll-ons and some thinner Essential Oil bottles will fit as well.  Small boxes and baskets are readily found in the dollar store and are classic organizers for a compact collection. 

Thrift stores carry so many amazing things that can be repurposed as an Essential Oil container. A vintage suitcase, a jewelry box, or a medicine cabinet could transform very quickly into useful storage. You may even come across wall decor that you can simply add a few shelves onto, and tada… it’s now a trendy oil display.  This looks super cool with all of the colorful REVIVE labels. Do you dare to organize them like a rainbow?

Travel Ideas

So, what to do when you are going on a trip and just have to bring your oils along? Easy, repurpose an old makeup or jewelry bag. Most of the time, these bags have pockets that are perfect for your oils. Designated Essential Oil travel bags can sell for up to $40, but why buy when you already have a bag under your bathroom counter? In this situation, you will want to use plastic baggies to individually wrap each bottle before placing them in the case to prevent any leakage. Also, remember that if you are traveling by airplane, your bottles need to be 3.4 Ounces or less, so some of those homemade body sprays might be a no-go.

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