2020 Fall Box

There is something about fall that is so special: the crisp air, the changing leaves, and the warm scents. Bring those enchanting feelings inside with the FALL BOX! All 5 of the oils in the Fall Box are NEW and first available only in the Fall Box! So get excited and checkout our break down of the Fall 2020 box and all the best uses 🙂

Apple Orchard


REVIVE Apple Orchard is a blend that will remind you of the those fun family days at the orchard picking apples. On a chilly fall day there is nothing better! The scent is crisply sour and sweet, and brings a perfect autumn touch to your home.

Component Highlights

  • Davana Essential Oil has a beautiful aroma that is fruity, floral, and strong. This oil is very soothing and helps restore emotions.
  • Lime Essential Oil is citrusy and clean. It is a wonderful oil for invigorating and uplifting your spirits.
  • Roman Chamomile Essential Oil provides part of the apple-scent in this blend. This oil is great at calming the central nervous system.
  • Pink Pepper Essential Oil adds a tiny bit of spice to this blend. This oil can help keep you alert and stimulate the mind and body.

How to Use  

You can use Apple Orchard topically and aromatically. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or use topically, diluted on the skin.

  1. Fall Vibes: To create an autumn ambiance in your home diffuse 4-5 drops in your favorite diffuser. It is a great afternoon diffuser blend to get you through afternoon slumps.
  2. Drive Time: Put a few drops of Apple Orchard on a cotton ball and place it in between the slats of your car vent to bring on joy and relaxation. A great choice if you are on your way to go apple picking, or just out with the family.
  3. Fall Decorating: Whether you are putting up fall wreaths or more spooky Halloween themed decor, a few drops of Apple Orchard strategically placed on the non-visible parts of untreated wood or ceramic decorations will infuse a fall inspired scent.
apple orchard 3

Happy Place

happy place crop 1


Do you need to find your happy place? We all could use a little stress relief, better sleep, and overall happiness. This new blend was created based on studies demonstrating the best essential oils to improve sleep quality and feelings of positivity and cheer.

Component Highlights

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil is an herbal scented oil that is incredible for reducing irritability and soothing anxiety.
  • Marjoram Essential Oil is a sweet and warm, medicinal scent that helps relieve stress and promote relaxation.
  • Mandarin Essential Oil is a soft citrus oil that can encourage feelings of joy. This fruity oil is great for easing nervous tension and uplifting your mood.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil is a grounding oil that banishes fear and promotes steady breathing. This resinous oil can also help you unwind after a long day.

How to Use  

You can use Happy Place topically and aromatically. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or use topically, diluted on the skin.

  1. Find Your Happy: Diffuse 4-5 drops to help promote positive feelings and create a comforting atmosphere.
  2. Happy to Go: Make a roll-on to bring with you and apply throughout the day. Add 10-15 drops of Happy Place to a roller with a carrier oil and use topically when in need of peace.
  3. Mood Boosting Mister: Create a mister by adding 20 drops of Happy Place and some water to a spray bottle. Spritz your room before relaxing on the couch to help promote a calming but joyful ambiance.
happy place crop 1

White Fir


REVIVE White Fir is like no other fir oil you have ever smelled. It is clean and strong and reminds you of walking through the woods in winter time. This unique oil is stabilizing, yet energizing, and will be a great addition to your fall and winter blends.


  • Grounding and uplifting
  • Stress relief
  • Soothing to skin

How to Use

You can use REVIVE White Fir topically, and aromatically. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or use diluted on the skin.

  1. Create a Cooling Massage: Add 3 drops of White Fir to a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage onto tense muscles for soothing relief.
  2. Diffuse to Invigorate: In an afternoon slump? Diffuse 4-5 drops of White Fir to revitalize the mind and energize the body.
  3. Christmas Tree Spray: Put 20 drops of White Fir and ½ oz alcohol in the bottom of a 2 oz spray bottle and swirl to mix. Fill the rest of the way with water. Shake gently and mist your fake tree to make it smell like the real thing!
white fir crop


sunset crop 1


Fall Sunsets have beautiful rich color pallets with deep orange, reds, and purples that are some of our favorites!Our REVIVE Sunset Blend is sweet, warm, and is comforting, just like the glow of the magical fall sun setting. Now, REVIVE Sunset can help promote those feelings anytime of day.

Component Highlights

  • Peru Balsam Essential Oil has a sweet, vanilla-like scent with just a hint of spice. This oil is incredible for soothing nervous tension and promoting calm.
  • Ylang Ylang Complete is a rich and almost intoxicating scent. It provides feelings of comfort and a boost of positivity.
  • Vanilla is a warm and intense aroma. This oil helps promote a relaxing environment and can help bring a romantic feeling.

How to Use  

You can use Sunset topically and aromatically. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or use topically, diluted on the skin.

  1. Natural Perfume: Create a roller with 10 drops of Sunset and fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. Apply as desired for a beautiful aroma.
  2. Take a Calming Bath: Mix 5-10 drops of Sunset with unscented soap and pour into the running stream of warm water as your bath fills. Soak for 20 minutes to promote relaxation.
  3. Set a Romantic Tone: Diffuse in the bedroom in the evening to encourage feelings of love and attraction.
sunset crop 1

Lemon Spatafora


Have you ever thought “I need more types of Lemon Essential Oil. One is NOT enough!” … Us too!!

We searched for the best Lemon oil to add to our collection and found something amazing. A brand new, Zesty, Fresh, and Intensely lemon oil, Lemon Spatafora. The lemons for this oil are from Sicily, and have the immense lemon power to purify and cleanse.


  • Invigorating
  • Promotes positive thinking
  • Cleansing and purifying

How to Use 

You can use Lemon Spatafora aromatically, topically, and internally. Diffuse a few drops to enjoy its aroma or use topically, diluted on the skin.

  1. Lemon Meringue: Diffuse this Lemon Meringue diffuser blend to freshen and brighten any room:
    2 drops Lemon Spatafora
    1 drop REVIVE Sunset
    2 drops Cedarwood
  2. Energizing moisturizer: Add two drops of Lemon Spatafora to any unscented lotion or Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to skin to brighten skin and energize you with its aroma.
  3. Lemon Cleaner: Create a natural, Lemon Spatafora powered, cleaning spray! Add a few drops to a bottle of spray bottle with water and vinegar and use to clean surfaces.
lemon spatafora (cropped)

Fall in Love

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