The Best Ways to Use Essential Oils Aromatically

The Best Ways to Use Essential Oils Aromatically

There are so many wonderful ways to use Essential Oils and we have the best ways to use them aromatically below. Knowing how each of these essential oils work aromatically, will help you understand how and when to use that approach.


This umbrella term is used for the easiest and safest way of using Essential Oils. It describes the process of inhaling the oils through your nose and into the olfactory bulb where it messages the limbic system and your brain determines how to react. Essentially, this is how the chemical compounds of the Essential Oil tell the body how to respond emotionally, physically, or mentally. This entire procedure is very fast triggering a reaction in as little as one second! Using oils aromatically is a great option for improving your mood quickly and easily.

Ways to use Essential Oils Aromatically

  • Smelling oils directly from the bottle
  • Using an Essential Oil diffuser
  • Wearing aromatherapy diffuser jewelry
  • Burning a pure Essential Oil candle or scent warmer
  • Steam inhalation
  • Diffuser sprays
  • Nasal inhaler

As you can see, there are countless ways to use Essential Oils through inhalation. It is usually dependent upon what goal you are trying to achieve that will determine what way to use your oils. For example, if you are looking to cleanse the air and freshen a space, you would want to use a diffuser with a blend like REVIVE’s Purify. Or if you are in the car and feeling a bit of motion sickness, you can use a personal nasal inhaler and smell the anti-nausea scent as needed just to yourself. Another great idea is to wear your REVIVE lava stone bracelet with Stress Easy to work, and during an anxious time, inhale deeply to help calm and center your emotions.

Other Aromatic Applications:

  • Using a diffuser spray to mist your bed with a Sleep Blend before bed
  • Burning an aromatherapy candle to create a cozy atmosphere
  • Adding a few drops of Breathe Air to hot water and inhaling over the bowl to clear sinuses

Having your child smell Brain Time right from the bottle before they begin their homework