The Best Back To School Essential Oils

Back to School Diffuser Recipes

Celebrate the back-to-school season with essential oils! What better way to help your kids focus and make the most of this year?

Back to school is always a challenging time for kids, but this year may be a whole new ball game for many.

Whether your children are doing in-person classes or e-learning from home, schedules are changing and they may need a little boost getting back on track.

Today, we’ll explain how essential oil can help make this a smoother, more productive year for your children. Then, we’ll unveil the top 3 kid-safe essential oil blends to help them start up the new school year on the right foot.

How Can Essential Oils Enhance Your School Year?

You love using essential oils around the house for all kinds of reasons – how do they fit into the back to school season, though?

There are so many ways you can diffuse essential oils to improve your kids’ ability to learn. Whether it’s a lavender essential oil to help them get a good night’s sleep or a calming blend to help with the anxiety of that first day.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure – putting a few essential oil blends in your child’s backpack is a great way to make sure they’re armed for whatever this school year throws at them.

And with virtual learning becoming more and more commonplace, now they can even diffuse their oils while learning! This makes it easier than ever to unlock all the benefits these oils have to offer.

Let’s take a look at what we believe are the top three essential oils for back to school season.

What Are The Best Essential Oil Blends For Back To School Season?

Now, without any further ado – we’re going to uncover the best homemade essential oil blends you can rely on to help your kids make the most of this year.

Whether you’re looking to help them start the day on the right foot or enhance their focus, we’ve got a blend for you. We’ve even got one that will help them get enough sleep at night so they can do it all again the next day!

Let’s start off with our absolute favorite essential oil blend for setting the tone when you first wake up in the morning.

Wake up Smiling

Get the day started off right with our wake-up smiling essential oil blend! This awesome blend will produce good vibes around the home and ensure everyone leaves the house – or logs in for their first virtual class – in a good mood.

Just mix up all these ingredients, turn your diffuser on, and let the good vibes flow!


 Find your Focus

We all have trouble focusing sometimes. But, you don’t want to let these lapses affect learning. That’s why our find your focus essential oils blend is one of the best to enhance the education experience.

100 ml Water in your REVIVE Diffuser

While this is a great blend for your diffuser, you can also consider adding in a carrier oil and applying this topically – this blend is very versatile!


Sleep Tight

After a hard day of working and playing, you may not need any help falling asleep. But if you do find you or your kids have a hard time getting some shut-eye, it will affect tomorrow.

The good news is there are all kinds of amazing essential oils you can use to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Consider diffusing essential oils, like this blend below:


Final Thoughts On Essential Oils For Back To School Season

Now, these essential oil blends are just a few you can make from home with the essential oils you have on hand. If you want to purchase an existing blend and save yourself the time and hassle, we have tons of great options at Revive to make this your best school year yet.

When you shop with Revive, you’ll find we have the best therapeutic-grade essential oils available online. This is true of our entire catalog, from our roll-ons to our essential oil sets. Shop now and see why people around the world agree we are the premier choice!