Blood Orange – 5 Reasons Every Home Needs Blood Orange Essential Oil

blood orange - 5 reasons every home needs blood orange essential oil

5 Reasons Every Home Needs Blood Orange Essential Oil

The sweet-scented Blood Orange Essential Oil is characterized with powerful energizing and antioxidant properties, which make it an ideal addition in your home. 

1) Powerful immune boost

The antioxidant and purifying properties of Blood Orange Essential Oil makes it a powerful ally in fighting the common cold and flu.

Prevent catching a cold by rubbing 3 drops behind your ears, on your temples and jawline, as the natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil may help improve Blood circulation and reduce congestion.

2) Air refresher

The pleasant smell of the sweet Blood Orange Essential Oil does more than just tingling the senses. The energizing and uplifting properties of this oil help brighten up your mood and atmosphere alike. Diffuse 5 drops to help detoxify and enlighten your living space.

3) Harness the Cleaning Power

Boost your cleaning routine by replacing your usual cleaning sprays with a Blood Orange Essential Oil-infused DIY cleansing spray.

Simply mix 15 drops of Blood Orange Essential Oil, 10 drops of organic Apple Cider Vinegar and 200 ml of distilled water in a 250 ml glass spray bottle. Secure the cap of the bottle and shake the bottle to help disperse the oil and use the spray as a regular cleaning spray.

The antibacterial properties of this oil help disinfect and cleanse any surface you choose to clean with the natural cleaning spray and it leaves it smelling fruity, too!

4) Bath booster

The refreshing and soothing properties of this oil help relax and soothe your sore muscles.

Add 15 drops of Blood Orange Essential Oil and a handful of sea salt in your bath and enjoy the pleasant aromatic experience.

5) Soothes nausea

Soothe nausea symptoms and alleviate stomach aches by simply diluting 3 drops in a bowl filled with hot water. Lower your head towards the bowl and inhale the vapor with deep, slow breaths for a minute or two.

The stomachic and soothing properties of Blood Orange Essential Oil help relax the stomach muscles and relieve muscle spasms.

The blood orange when peeled reveals a bright red fruit inside. The red pigment of the fruit is a potent antioxidant, a unique trait in the citrus family. The bright, refreshing scent of the oil is stimulating and energizing.

Properties: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, metabolic support

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