4 Blends for Easter

4 Blends for Easter

Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s time for family gatherings and Spring Break. Besides planning what you will make for Easter Dinner, you should also consider blends and essential oils to help create a warm and welcoming Easter-time atmosphere.

Joy Blend

The sweet-scented Joy Essential Oils Blend is rich with calming and nurturing properties, helping relax the mind and body. Diffuse 5 drops of Joy to help create an uplifting and romantic atmosphere, soothing the senses and boosting your energy. Joy is a mix of floral and citrusy scents that work together to create a unique fragrance that is warm and welcoming

Smile Blend

Diffuse 5 drops of Smile and enjoy the serenity it creates. The powerful uplifting properties of this blend help enhance the atmosphere and create joyous moments. Citrusy scents combine with spicy notes to create a unique blend.

Stress Easy Blend

Diffuse 5 drops of this oil to help brighten up the atmosphere and create positive energy in your home. Stress Easy helps refocus thoughts and boost mental clarity! A unique scent combining citrusy aroma of lime with the sweet scent of vanilla and floral hints from lavender.

Inspire Blend

Create a positive atmosphere by diffusing 5 drops of Inspire. The energizing and refreshing aroma of this oil help revive the atmosphere in your living space. Inspire has a sweet and woodsy aroma that is invigorating.

REVIVE Easter Spirit Essential Oils Diffuser Recipe

  • Make a custom Easter-inspired essential oils blend by diffusing the oils in the living space of choice to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.